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Business in Action: Leadership Retreats

By: Lisa Patrick


Business in Action Leadership Retreats

According to “Fast Company” magazine, there are some key ideas to consider when planning a fun leadership retreat: seek new scenery; know that it takes time to build strong teams; incorporate fun into the regular work experience. Choose an appropriate facilitator. Depending on your organization, this may mean hiring a professional. Know your goals and how you want to achieve them. Create a schedule. Provide healthy snacks to avoid sugar crashes, create a comfortable, inspiring environment and invest in long-term results.

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Whether you are a business of two or two hundred, in order for your business to succeed at your leadership retreats, your team must share a commitment to your goals and objectives. We suggest you focus on the following;

Your first meeting is about your financial metric goals for revenues and net profit you’d like to achieve. Set goals and have key discussions with topics that focus on clarifying the strategy about how you will implement to achieve success. According to InHouse CFO, Donald Cameron owners are “always looking for low hanging fruit ways to beat the competition and increase their income.” Read more about what Donald has to say about increasing your business income. Consult with your accountant or your chief financial officer and discuss some topics for consideration as part of the meeting agenda.

Your second meeting is about the leadership of your business. There is a growing trend toward a distinction between leadership vs. management. Those who are being led rather than managed are showing signs of greater productivity, increased job satisfaction and a higher potential than ever before. Analyze the leadership style of your core team members and ensure that your discussion topics focus on strategy that will make you a better leader enhancing the success of your company.

Your third meeting needs to focus on identifying roadblocks that have kept you from achieving your goals, and more importantly developing a plan to make those constraints disappear. Remember that no matter how many roadblocks, obstacles or setbacks you encounter, gaining more insight to your business and personal strengths will identify your areas of excellence, both as a business and as a business owner. It may be a smart investment for you and your company if you consult with a business coach to keep these discussion on track.

Published: October 13, 2015

Source: Convention Business Travel

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