a car accident

Philadelphia’s Road Accident Law: What You Should Know

Just like navigating a busy intersection, understanding Philadelphia’s road accident law can be tricky. You’re not alone. This article breaks down what you should know about determining fault, post-accident procedures, and your rights. You’ll also…

a workplace injury

5 Issues in a Slip-and-Fall Case Where You Need an Attorney

Slip and fall injuries can be a tricky legal situation to navigate, especially if you decide to handle the case without the help of an attorney. While you may think that you can handle the…

Who Pays for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ Compensation is insurance that employers get for themselves and their employees to protect both parties. Through this insurance, the employees get access to compensation and other benefits if they get injured while on the…

What Are Your Legal Rights as an Employee?

When your employer either doesn’t know or ignores your rights, they may mistreat you because of a personal bias. There are federal employment discrimination laws that protect employees nationwide. Additionally, there are other laws in…

7 Times Your Small Business Needs a Lawyer

Whether you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or are already running a small business, it can be hard to know if you need the services of a business lawyer or not. Many small business owners…

How to Avoid Lawsuits Against Your Property

These days, you probably have your plate full with the restrictions and economic impact imposed by the pandemic. You worry about surges in infection numbers and whether there will be another full lockdown. You wonder…

5 Tips That Can Help You Avoid A Lawsuit During The Pandemic

As a business owner, it’s essential to take steps to protect your customers and employees from the novel coronavirus. Not only can this help you keep people safe, but it can also protect you from…

Where could I locate a non-compete and non-solicitation document that I could customize and have employees of a Georgia-based business agree to and be bound by?

Non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements or separate clauses in employment agreements are common in hiring situations. However, it is important to note that a number of considerations can affect whether a non-compete agreement is a lawful and binding contract, including state and local law which varies as to the terms and enforceability of non-compete agreements

What is the fastest way to get my credit cleaned up?

Credit laws provide for fixing errors on credit reports and The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) also establishes various timeframes under which both negative and positive entries on a consumer credit report must be removed or “cycled-off” the report.

Me and my son have a business in California and want to dissolve our partnership, what steps do we need to take?

Whether you or your son will continue operating the business or the business is also being discontinued is one important consideration; however, partners have several important considerations regarding dissolution, including a predetermined formula…

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