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How to Avoid Lawsuits Against Your Property

By: Louise Harris


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These days, you probably have your plate full with the restrictions and economic impact imposed by the pandemic. You worry about surges in infection numbers and whether there will be another full lockdown. You wonder whether you will be forced to close your doors in order to comply with current guidelines.

On top of that, you must deal with everyday worries such as getting your merchandise on time, having the right staff, and, last but not least, how to avoid premises liability cases on your property.

Why is it important for a business owner to be concerned about premises liability?

Because having an accident in your facility can make you liable for lawsuits. And premises liability lawsuits may hold you accountable for negligence and have you pay huge compensations.

What kind of event could you be sued for?

There are wide-ranging causes that may result in a lawsuit. And whether you own the building, are renting it, or managing it, you could become responsible for whatever happened there. Among the most common premises liabilities you may find:

  • Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents
  • Premises inadequately maintained
  • Premises with defective conditions
  • Accidents in either escalators or elevators
  • Flood or fire
  • Assault and/or injury due to inadequate security or protection

As a business owner, what can you do to prevent these types of accidents?

The easiest way to make sure no accidents take place within your business is to adopt a mentality that your workplace needs to be as accident-proof as possible. This way of thinking needs to be transmitted to everyone who works there as well. Take the necessary steps to implement a safety plan. Also:

1. Get into the Habit of Surveying your Premises

Frequently walking around the place to make sure that nothing on the ground might represent an unsafe condition is crucial. If your employees are giving you feedback on issues that need to be corrected, take care of them as soon as possible. Taking preemptive actions is much better than dealing with personal injury lawsuits.

2. Don’t Disregard Repairs

The moment you become aware of an unsafe condition or the moment one is reported to you by an employee, make it your number one priority to fix it. If you hear about an issue and the phone rings and you answer and forget to fix the problem, you may be facing a lawsuit in the near future. Both you and your employees should be proactive in fixing potential accident spots right away.

3. Display Warning Signs

Unsafe or dangerous conditions cannot always be fixed immediately. Sometimes a piece is needed, other times a floor may need to dry. Whatever the issue, take the time to place warning signs around the problem area and make sure your employees know to do the same, should you not be nearby.

Why should you keep danger away from your business at all costs?

Having somebody injured in your business is not something a business owner ever wants. And having to fight a premises liability lawsuit can cost you not only huge amounts in legal fees but can permanently damage the reputation of your business. If you are facing a lawsuit, you need the advice of an injury attorney right now. 

Published: November 19, 2020

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