Which Point-of-Sale systems should I purchase for my small operation?

Many companies offer retail POS systems or software that read bar code; however, accounting and inventory control applications must be integrated or linked with any POS system or software, which affects your POS system or software solutions. Also, your accounting and inventory needs and budget will impact the type of POS system you select.

Should I have my friends and family invest in a bank CD that I utilize as a secured loan for my business?

In our opinion, having investors buy a bank CD (or CDs) to secure a bank loan is not a good option since the money is still at risk if you default on the loan (collateralized by the CD). Also, under this option, the investors would be getting a very low interest rate on the CD and taking all of the investment risk, while the bank would be getting a higher interest rate on the business loan with no, or less, risk.