Mike Kappel

Mike Kappel is the president of Patriot Software, Inc., which develops affordable online software for U.S. small business owners. Patriot Software is one of five successful small businesses he’s started in the last 25 years. He still enjoys the challenge of a start-up, and shares his experience and passion for entrepreneurship in his blog, the Small Business Expert. Contact him at mkappel@patriotsoftware.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @MikeKappel and on Google+.


The 4 Leadership Skills You Need During Conflict-Resolution Meetings

You’re bound to witness or experience conflict in your small business. Knowing how to handle and defuse employee conflict can promote a healthy, productive workplace. But sometimes, people prefer to avoid conflict rather than address…

Should Businesses Be Open on Thanksgiving?

If you’re a business owner, should you be open for business on Thanksgiving? After all, it seems that everyone else is doing it.

Who Let Murphy Invent That Law, Anyway?

We all know Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” And in business, it’s true—especially in a new startup business.

Payroll Cards: A Raw Deal for Employees?

Bad news for employers using payroll cards to pay their employees: A federal regulator is now saying employers can’t require employees to use them, and must offer an additional payroll option as an alternative, according to the Wall Street Journal.

8 Good Reasons Why You Should be Blogging

“Start a Blog.” It’s probably on your list of “shoulds” for your business. What’s holding you back? Now could be the time to start. Here are some good reasons why.

4 Steps to Take Before You Hire a Subcontractor

Your favorite customer calls you and wants you to complete a job. You have a dilemma—you can’t complete it in a timely manner, but want to keep this client happy. Hiring a subcontractor may be a great solution to your problem. But before you hire Mark or any other contractor, follow these pointers.

Doing the Right Thing When No One Else is Watching

Integrity: Sometimes we wonder if it exists anywhere anymore. The news can make us so jaded that we’re surprised when we hear that someone has actually done the right thing.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

You know you need to hire someone soon, but are you dreading the long, drawn-out process, the advertising, rounds of interviews, reference checks, and negotiations? You wish you could just skip to the end of it—when they’re already working for you and contributing something of value.