Do you remember way back when at the company holiday party when the boss would give everyone a subscription to the fruit of the month club? Nothing says “I don’t know you at all” quite like this cringe-worthy gesture. Not that there’s anything wrong with fruit, but it’s not exactly an original gift.

Now if you want to give someone the gift that keeps on giving you have many more options than gourmet apples. There is a multitude of options from dog toys and treats for the dog lover in your life to candy for the person with a serious sweet tooth.

From a business point of view, subscription boxes are really quite genius. If you have a startup with a product that you are struggling to get in front of potential consumers, what better way than to partner with an already established subscription box company to get a trial version added to their next box? This is the kind of marketing you can’t just buy. It actually gets your product into the hands of the consumer, delivered right to their front door.

If you have a product that people will need on a regular basis, like coffee, snack foods, or baby products, you can even start your own subscription box service. Aside from being a great way to differentiate your product from the dozens of others in the big box stores, subscription box services offer consumers the element of surprise and delight on top of getting something they need. Who doesn’t love getting something other than bills in the mailbox? Subscription boxes provide companies a unique opportunity to simplify a customer’s life, make them happy, and give them variety.

There are more subscription boxes out there than you can even imagine, but there is always room for another good one. Already on the market are subscription boxes for designer fashion, jewelry, healthy snacks, arts and crafts, and makeup, just to name a few. But the sky is the limit. Do you see an opportunity for something new and unique? Strike while the iron is hot! Subscription boxes are so hot right now, and everyone is always looking for the next big thing. Learn more about subscription boxes from this infographic. You might be surprised how many options are out there, and you also might be surprised just how great your business could do with a unique subscription box to sell!

Expect more from the mail than just packages and post cards.

Via Subscription Box Mom

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