Focus on Customers Who Will Come Back

I recently finished reading Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" and wanted to share how to apply some of the concepts he discusses directly to customer experience for your business.

How Writing a Book Will Add Value as a Small Business Owner

By writing a book for or about your company, you provide the public with the perfect means of getting in-depth information about your business while simultaneously establishing yourself as an expert within your field.

Dollar Cost Averaging Equals Marketing

If we’ve learned anything over the last decade it’s that the stock market is volatile and difficult to predict with precision. Even Warren Buffet...

The 7 Steps of the Inbound Marketing Campaign Process

The business world is always trying to figure out how to use process to create scale. Makes sense, right? With good process comes scale, and with scale comes higher profitability. The same holds true in marketing. Properly deployed inbound marketing requires many different things to happen. Forgetting just one can ruin the whole campaign.

8 Good Reasons Why You Should be Blogging

"Start a Blog." It's probably on your list of "shoulds" for your business. What's holding you back? Now could be the time to start. Here are some good reasons why.

8 Ways to Improve Your Online Content Marketing

It’s 2016, and the digital tsunami rages on, drenching us all in a virtual deluge of online content and forcing companies of all sizes...

Make Them Want More: 7 Tips to Retain Customers

Your customers are one of the main pillars of your business structure. You won't be able to create a sustainable and profit-generating enterprise if you don't have people who will buy and patronize your merchandise.

7 Ways Small Businesses Can be Thought Leaders

You can picture your company leading the way and serving as an example for other companies—but you aren't quite sure how to reach this level of success. You know that your company has the expertise and experience, but how can you effectively share that knowledge with professionals in your industry and your target market?

Top 10 Content Distribution and Promotion Thought Leaders

With the year coming to a close, it's time to take a look back and identify those folks we believe had the biggest impact on the emerging content distribution and promotion industry.

5 Ways to Use Market Competition to Your Advantage

When envisioning and establishing my business, I focused on both short- and long-term goals. My short-term goal was to outgrow a local competitor's annual gross sales. I knew I wanted to eventually compete with multimillion-dollar giants, but first, I needed to examine my strengths and their weaknesses.

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