Walk This Way for More Business

There's a reason supermarkets put the milk at the farthest reaches of the store: You need it. How can small business entrepreneurs take a page from this play book? Product placement trial and testing.

The Brand of You

Everyone talks about brand. But in a small business, the most important brand you can build is the brand of you. All the little details of how you run your business will communicate your brand to customers, much more than the things you say your brand is. That brand is you.

Set Specific Goals for Text Marketing

Mobile marketing continues to increase in strength and demand. This is partly due to the sizable market and partly because texting is engaging, effective...

Focus on Key Performance Indicators

Successful people look for the signs. Small business owners are no exception.The signs are reality. It’s true in business the same way that it is true in sports, relationships, or any other part of life. But what does it mean to see the signs in business? What should you be looking for?

Marketing Goes SoLoMo

As a general proposition, I think it's fair to say that marketing is going mobile. There is something organic and seamless about the relationships we have with our mobile devices. These devices have become highly relevant to our daily lives precisely because they deliver convenience, simplicity, and proximity.

How Brand Leaders Can Be Brand Losers

Conventional business wisdom touts that you have to be the biggest, the strongest, the richest and the best. All worthy goals that build a...

5 Expensive Mobile Marketing Mistakes

I’m cursed, really I am. I’ve been in marketing for the better part of a decade, and I’ve seen it all. So, I cringe...

Real-Time Personalized Marketing: Engaging Across Channels

Customers today no longer differentiate between online and offline channels. Many of today’s purchases cross multiple channels and the customer considers them all part...

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Hosting Events

Although marketing has moved in leaps and bounds and is now in the digital age, events still stand out as powerful tools for businesses....

6 Ways Marketing Automation Will Improve Your Inbound Marketing ROI

To take full advantage of your inbound marketing efforts, it would be wise to invest in marketing automation. Marketing automation has the ability to enhance...

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