The Biggest Problem Freelancers Have Today

Do you have a side hustle? Yes, a side hustle. For those of you in the dark, a side hustle is the modern day...

Why Real-Time Marketing is More Than a Trend

Data analytics are powering almost every area of business today, from the way sales teams gather leads to the way leaders make big decisions....

10 Truths About Content Marketing You Need to Know

It was one of those days. My computer had stopped working. Do I call the manufacturer and get them to step me through the trouble shooting...

How to Win with Compliance Branding

At the end of the day, adhering to industry, and government compliances makes you competent to do business within your category, but it does nothing to differentiate you. You are simply on an equal footing with your compliant competitors.

Marketing Orchestration? That’s My Line!

As a music major and former music teacher, I'm biased towards using musical metaphors. Marketing orchestration—a new buzz phrase coined by Forrester Research for Responsys. What is it?

Applying Political Terms to Marketing Segmentation

There are important insights for product marketing that actually come from the political world. One of the most important lessons is in how to segment the market, identifying which customers to go after and which ones to ignore. You can save time and money by focusing on your most productive targets.

Focus on Key Performance Indicators

Successful people look for the signs. Small business owners are no exception.The signs are reality. It’s true in business the same way that it is true in sports, relationships, or any other part of life. But what does it mean to see the signs in business? What should you be looking for?

Why You Should Use Bulk Text to Promote Your Small Business

If you run a small business, I’m sure the idea about sending a bulk text to your customers has crossed your mind. Everyone is...

Don’t Cut Yourself Short—Go Long Form

In a world where 140-character tweets, Facebook posts, and USA Today style graphics are the range, it’s easy to assume that brevity is the...

A Surefire Way to Market to Millennials

More than one-in-three American workers today is a millennial, giving this generation the largest share of the American workforce. To put their purchasing power into perspective, millennials...

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