Video Marketing: The Guide for Small Businesses

Next time you’re searching for something online, notice how many times a video crops up. Thinking about a holiday? A video shows you the...

Get the Most Out of Marketing with Your Small Business

To effectively market to your customers and potential customers, you need to know what will have the greatest impact. This is often achieved through data about your customers.

Customer Experience is Single Most Exciting Opportunity for 2014

According to a newly-released report from eConsultancy and Adobe, customer experience (CX) is the single most exciting digital experience for 2014.

Environment is Everything: Appealing to All of Your Customers’ Senses

When running a service-based business, environment is everything. Huge clothing retailers, movie theaters and car companies pump scents into rooms, play music, and use...

Walk This Way for More Business

There's a reason supermarkets put the milk at the farthest reaches of the store: You need it. How can small business entrepreneurs take a page from this play book? Product placement trial and testing.

4 Ways to Modernize Your Marketing Team

Consumer buying habits are constantly changing. To meet prospects at various mobile and web touchpoints, you can't default to the same outbound marketing and sales strategies you've employed for years. Your marketing team needs to modernize its techniques to meet consumers where they are.

In Marketing the Constant Is Change

There are lots of ways to stay current but it all starts with the attitude of recognizing that it's a part of your job and it's one of the ways you keep your company relevant and profitable.

How Writing a Book Will Add Value as a Small Business Owner

By writing a book for or about your company, you provide the public with the perfect means of getting in-depth information about your business while simultaneously establishing yourself as an expert within your field.

Top 4 Ways to Get Signups for Your Text Message List

I keep getting the question from small business owners: How do they get more customers and prospects on their text message list? It’s a great...

Video Marketing: Does It Have a Place in Your Company?

If you have a small business, your marketing campaign needs video. Of all the ways you can sell your business, video is the most relatable, the easiest for viewers to absorb and retain, and the most likely to be passed from one customer to the next.

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