5 Facts Every Business Needs to Know About the Mobile Revolution

Guess what? The world is in the middle of a mobile revolution. Now, more than ever before, consumers are using their tablets and mobile devices to shop online. In fact, the shift has been so rapid and monumental that it has spawned a totally new market for retailers.

Capitalize on the Uniqueness of Your Business

I really believe that every business is unique, and if you take a minute to think about it, it is not hard to find something that sets you apart. It is important to realize, however, that simply knowing what makes you different is not enough.

4 Ways to Modernize Your Marketing Team

Consumer buying habits are constantly changing. To meet prospects at various mobile and web touchpoints, you can't default to the same outbound marketing and sales strategies you've employed for years. Your marketing team needs to modernize its techniques to meet consumers where they are.

One Local Pizza Restaurant’s Text Marketing Mistakes

It happened again. My local pizza restaurant made a text marketing mistake… and a number of them. It always drives me crazy when a company...

Turn “Broadcast” into “Engagement”

Although there is still a place for display advertising in this new world, increasingly small businesses are discovering that creating buzz and engaging their audiences through social media are more powerful and cost effective.

5 MailChimp Tools to End Your Marketing Worries

Why MailChimp? Gone are the days when your marketing team gained customers by making unsolicited cold calls. Today, every marketer is making optimal usage of...

A 5-Step Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing

Video marketing: You’ve heard the experts talk about it, the gurus blog about it, and your business peers rave about it, but how do you get started?  What is the first step to creating your own engaging video content, and how can you share your videos with the world?

What Can We Learn from the Success of Apple Press Events?

When companies launch a new product, and they get it right, they can have customers lining up for miles out of the door to purchase their fancy new "must have" item.

5 Powerful PR Trends You Should Not Ignore

Don’t have a beard, fixie or some cool headphones. Feeling left out. Then you are maybe not up with the latest fad. But fads are one...

Is Podcasting the Hot New Media Trend?

Podcasting was cool when I started blogging four years ago, but as social media became fashionable, Facebook and Twitter made podcasting look a tad obsolescent and dowdy. So why is podcasting having a resurrection? It is due to two key factors.

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