Company Apparel: Looking Official vs. Looking Promotional

Every employee should be proud to sport the company logo and colors. However, there is such thing as going overboard with advertising in thread. Company custom clothing should be a lot like the webpage: attractive, but subtle and welcoming to potential customers.

Rethinking Prospecting

What if instead of searching for people who want to buy our products and services, we decided to search for people with problems? Not just any problem, but the problems we solve?

4 Tips for Writing a Strong Case Study

Case Studies are the marketing version of Aesop's Fables. Stories told to make a point or teach a lesson that demonstrates the value of your product or service. So how do you create a good case study?

What is Hype?

Lately I've noticed consumers of information are very "anti-hype." I believe this has been caused by market fatigue (too many people making similar outlandish promises), but also because people have told them they should be anti-hype.

Write Press Releases to Find Business

Many people send out a release on silly things and expect to get publicity. If you want your release to be picked up by legitimate media either online or off, then make sure you have some news that is unique, interesting, controversial or about a famous person.

3 Easy Ways to Start Writing an Ad

When writing sales copy, most people start with the headline. Why? Because the headline is the first thing to appear in the copy. And so the logic goes: Start at the beginning and finish at the end.

Increase Foot Traffic with Well-Designed Signs

Although they've been used for generations, signs are still excellent drivers of foot traffic to brick and mortar businesses. Signs should be a vital part of your offline marketing strategy to drive new customers and sales to your business.

10 Awesome Headlines that Drive Traffic and Attract Readers

If you don't learn how to write a good headline, then the chances are you will have trouble attracting traffic to your website or blog. In a digital economy, that can cost sales, because you need readers to turn up to buy your goods and services.

Mastering PPC: Quality Score, Ad Rank, and Why They Matter

Search engines are really, really good at extracting every last bit of revenue of every search. We're never going to fully understand Google or Bing's algorithm or everything that goes into PPC pricing. What we can do is explore the fundamentals of how the PPC marketplace works, what factors we can control and how we can use them to drive down our CPC.

VIDEO: What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

A quick description of what Pay Per Click is, how it relates to traditional advertising, and why it matters to your small business.

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