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Create an Avatar of Your Ideal Customer

By: Deb Bixler


If you have taken the time to write your mission statement and created a direct sales marketing plan then the next step is to describe your ideal customer.

Actually, most likely you have 5-6 ideal customers.
When you create a persona for each one you will become better at targeting and actually finding the ideal customer.
The Ideal Customer Avatar
In games we create our avatar.
In business when you do the same thing and literally define your perfect customers it will become easier to see them!
When you have a very visual image, an avatar if you will, of your ideal customers it is easier to operate your business.
Become VERY specific in creating these people – even give them names, describe where they live and what are their concerns!.
A good example is this:
Corporate Colleen is a go-getter who works in Washington, DC.
She commutes to work each day with a 1-2 hour drive and spends a lot of time in her car. She uses most of that time commuting to catch up on phone calls.
Both Colleen and her husband have salaries of $80,000+ per year. While they make good money they tend to spend more money than they have.
Colleen’s husband’s drive is shorter and in opposite direction. He drops the (2 – girls younger than 5) kids off at day care and picks them up on the way home. Usually, he and the kids are home before Colleen. They often eat carry out but occasionally Jake does cook for them.
Colleen is not afraid to invest in good (expensive) clothing and accessories because it will further her career. She often finds herself in boardrooms with men that she must prove herself to.
Colleen’s Top Fears: The health of her kids, the lack of time she spends with the kids, being passed over for a promotion, no cell signal!
Colleen’s Top Desires: Quality time with the kids, landing that BIG job in the city that will solve all the problems.
As you can see by reading the description of Corporate Colleen you now know her hot buttons and goals. This gives you the ability to solve problems for her.
Colleen may not be YOUR ideal customer but someone is!
Create 6 Persona
Take the time to write out 6 descriptions of your ideal customer, then post pictures of them on your office wall. It could be actual people you know or just images you get online that represent ‘Corporate Colleen.’
Once your marketing niche is literally staring you in the face, you can look at them occasionally and consider their reaction to whatever it is your are doing at the time.
You will find yourself saying: “What would Colleen do when I approach her with this?”
Then you can modify your plan so that your avatars approve!
An understanding of your ideal customers = more sales, more bookings, more recruits!
This article was originally published by Home Party Plan Training Center
Published: November 7, 2014

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