10 Tips for Making Payroll Simple and Stress Free

Payroll can be one of the most cumbersome areas for business owners to tackle. Number-crunching, creating reports, and keeping track of all kinds of data is enough to make many individuals want to hide under their desks.

Take a Picture of Your Business for a Chance to Win $1500

Over the past 15 years, we at MyCorporation.com have helped thousands of small business owners start up and formalize their companies, and one of our favorite parts about helping small businesses is seeing how they define and present themselves.

How to Keep Thorough and Accurate Books

There are a lot of factors that go into running a successful small business, and one of the most important is one that many small business owners (especially those who are just starting out) overlook: bookkeeping.

How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts

Now that you know how to set up your accounting system and how to hire a bookkeeper, its time to learn about some bookkeeping basics. You may have been avoiding this for a long time, but its easier than you think!

Payroll Cards: A Raw Deal for Employees?

Bad news for employers using payroll cards to pay their employees: A federal regulator is now saying employers can't require employees to use them, and must offer an additional payroll option as an alternative, according to the Wall Street Journal.

How to Start the Bookkeeping Process

Even if you do hire a bookkeeper, you have to be able to give them something to work with. So here's how you should think about starting the bookkeeping process.

How to Hire a Bookkeeper

Knowing the ins and outs of how to hire a bookkeeper is important for running a successful business. It is essential to get the right person working for you who is a good match for your company.

Setting Up Your Accounting System

Having a good accounting system in place is essential in order for your business to grow to its fullest potential. Here is your blueprint for setting it up.

How to Hire a Consultant for Your Business

As a business owner, sometimes you may feel that you are too close to the problem at hand. You may find that you and your team of employees work well together, but often think similarly and come about solutions the same way.

3 Top Food Trends for Small Business Owners

Whether you own a restaurant, food truck, or catering business, or you're a food retailer, keeping up on food trends is an important part of running a successful business. Here are three sizzling-hot food trends to add to your menu or store shelves to help fatten up your profits.

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