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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Inspection From a Commercial Locksmith

By: Merin Mathew


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You The possibility of your commercial establishment getting burgled cannot be ruled out. Thus, your top priority is to prevent theft in your business premises that may have expensive equipment, raw materials, finished products, important documents, and other such items. Of course, you can install strong doors/windows and locks to secure your building. You can even station guards for a 24-hour vigil of your premises. However, such piecemeal arrangements may not make your business premises burglar-proof.

In such a scenario, services provided by commercial locksmiths appear as a beacon of light in a desolate dark sea. Why they are vital is because they have the wherewithal to integrate the whole security system of your commercial establishment to make it as secure as possible.

Let’s have a look what all a commercial locksmith does:

#1 Security and safety analysis

It is easy for commercial locksmiths to protect your property from unwanted intruders since they know the tricks of the trade and those of the criminals. They carry out a security inspection of your commercial establishment to suggest the necessary changes in your existing security system. They also advise you on installing a new system for the safety of your building.

#2 Access control system

As a business owner, you may have to risk handing over the keys to your employees for accessing the building, without you having to always open it up for them. Handing over keys to even your most trusted employee or a new manager is a security risk since keys can be easily copied, upping the chances of a security breach. Commercial locksmiths provide an access control system, which gives you greater control over which employees get access to business premises, at what times, and through which entrances.

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#3 Security system

In the normal course of things, you would probably hire an electrician to install electronic security system. However, commercial locksmiths not only suggest the right kind of security system but also integrate this system with your doors. They ensure that their security system remains dynamic and can be changed depending upon the changes taking place in your business premises.

#4 Locking mechanism

Standard locks can be easily opened, but not lock mechanisms installed by commercial locksmiths since they are sturdier and require specialized equipment to install and maintain. They are designed to thwart break-ins. What’s more, such locks are beyond the capabilities of residential locksmiths.

#5 Rekeying locks

Rekeying is essential, since you may lose the key or risk it being used illegally by a fired untrustworthy employee, who may have copied the key. Residential locksmiths may be adept in rekeying standard deadbolt or doorknob, but it is the commercial locksmiths who can tackle sophisticated and modern locks. They also have the right tools and training for the same.

#6 Lockout services

There are times when you or your employees might lose the key and get locked out of your business. This may be due to a glitch of your electronic system because of a power outage. This results in avoidable downtime, which may affect production, missed deliveries, inconvenience to customers, and other problems. Residential locksmiths may not be able to let you in again. Commercial locksmiths, however, are capable of getting you back inside. These locksmiths are also a godsend in the event of an emergency, such as a fire.

#7 Reprogram security system

You can’t rule out the chances of a breach in your security system by criminals. In such an event, commercial locksmiths can replace breached locks but also recode your entire security system. That will ensure prevention of future intrusions. Commercial locksmiths also come in handy if you need changes in your security infrastructure, due to employee turnover.


Commercial locksmiths are tireless workers who continuously analyze the security hazards of your business premises. They are a perfect shield against thieves and burglars who are forever attempting to undermine and infiltrate your security. Commercial locksmiths ensure safety by installing foolproof systems in your business premises, thereby making it safer and more secure.

Published: March 5, 2020

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