Embrace the Right to Pivot

Plans don't often work as devised. We are not always smart about the market or the product. Great teams are not bound by their original product or marketing plan. Greatness finds one definition in management's ability to "pivot," or change the plan in reaction to its early response from the marketplace.

Branding Cows or Branding Business: Neither is Easy

We’re talking about brand strategy here. Not advertising, and certainly not an easy grasp for amateur marketers. So how developed is your company’s brand?...

Effective Small Executive Retreats: Checklist for Successful Discussions

Currently you are working on a company project which requires your undivided attention, and too many distractions with an unfocused team is halting the project.

Do You Have a Plan for Your Small Business Future?

New findings released from a study conducted by Securian Financial Group show that many small business owners plan on leaving their companies within the next decade, but most do not have any type of exit plan or proper future outline for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

What Do You Wish You’d Known Yesterday?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no more digital or printed reports to tell us what happened in the past? I know. We...

7 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive During Holiday Season

In most workplaces, the move toward the busiest holiday season of the year is marked less by the change in décor and more by the change in productivity. Read on for seven tips to keep your employees happily on task through the holidays without seeming like a killjoy.

Leadership: Sell the Dream, Make the Reality

As a leader, you set the goals, establish the strategies and tactics to get there (with help from others of course) and sell the...

Technology and Strategic Planning

The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail...

My Entrepreneurial Nightmare: Beware the Trap of Consultants

Who or what is an entrepreneur? Everyone that wants to create a business must try to answer this question even before starting out. I...

Danger! Distraction Ahead!

We tend to move towards what we pay attention to. You don't want to let your competitors determine your marketing strategy, and that's exactly what's going to happen if you spend too much time and energy keeping an eye on their activities.

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