Bad Advice on Data Decisions

My problem is that so-called "data from customers" is rarely truth. Data gathering is plagued with problems of research design, random lists, skewed questions, half truth and innuendo disguised as data.

Branding Cows or Branding Business: Neither is Easy

We’re talking about brand strategy here. Not advertising, and certainly not an easy grasp for amateur marketers. So how developed is your company’s brand?...

Business in Action: Leadership Retreats

According to “Fast Company” magazine, there are some key ideas to consider when planning a fun leadership retreat: seek new scenery; know that it...

4 Tips for Planning Ahead as You Scale Up Your Business

Nothing stunts the growth of a young business quite like a lack of planning. When my company was in its early days, I often...

How to Improve Cash Flow for Business

Cash is the lifeblood of a business, and without it a business dies. With this in mind, the all-important question therefore has to be, "How can I improve cash flow for my business?"

How Do You Pay an Early Stage Board?

Give one percent equity to each outside board member vesting over four years of service. Many early stage CEOs and board members have asked for...

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives—getting into the better shape, building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, writing a best-selling book, winning a championship, and so on.

Plan for Growth, or Die

Small business owners need to know what their personal and professional goals are five years from now. Only then can you begin to execute the plan to leverage your time and your talent to grow your small business. Start now. Don't wait.

Get Out of Startup Mode and Transform Your Business with Data

Many small businesses continue to function as startups years after their inception. They struggle to meet their financial projections and don't believe they have the personnel or the time to invest in developing a long-term strategy.

Selling Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Doom and Gloom

You're selling your most prized possession – your business. Whether it's on a high note or not, it can be a daunting prospect, especially...

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