Challenged Beliefs

As human beings we are basically run by an operating system or "belief system" we don't even realize we are run by. Yes, we are conscious of many of our beliefs—we're just not conscious of being controlled by them.

Building Trust with Gen Y: Focus on Meaningfulness

By 2025, approximately 75% of the world's workforce will consist of millennials (Gen Y), according to a study from the BPW Foundation. Companies that survive past 2025 will be those that develop the trust of the millennial workforce.

Overcoming Excuses for Not Doing Something

The first step in overcoming excuses from anyone, whether it is your team, your hostess or your kids, is to stop accepting it. We have a tendency to just wave it off with a flip answer.

The Importance of Corporate Vision

If you are a leader in your organization, share your vision consistently. If you are not sharing your vision at least every thirty days, your team doesn't know it. A clear vision inspires, unifies, and gives powerful focus.

4 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team

Inspiring leaders recognize that money is not the main reason people come to work. Sure, it's the primary motivator for why we work—but once the concept of comparable pay for comparable work has been addressed, it fails to inspire passion in the work place.

The Single Greatest “People Skill”

People can tell. They know—maybe consciously, perhaps unconsciously—if you are truly interested in them or just fakin' it in order to manipulate or "get something" from them.

The Greatest Secret of the Magnetic Person

One secret and irresistible quality of magnetic people is that they're grateful. They are genuinely thankful, and it shows in their interactions with others. Even though we don't usually think of gratefulness as a major personality trait, it actually goes a long way towards shaping who we are.

4 Reasons a Leader Embraces Change

A leader has an entirely different vision to that of a manager. Managers fear change because it upsets their carefully structured way of life—while leaders embrace change because they know that change leads to new ways of growth and accomplishment.

The Bottom Line Effect of Caring for Your Customers

Top sales people don't just get to where they are because they make a lot of calls, or because they know the best closing techniques. In most cases, their clients have come to see them less as commission earners and more as trusted partners.

5 Ways to Ignite Passion in Your Team

True leaders have the innate ability to motivate staff to achieve better results. Leading with a passion is what separates great leaders from the "wannabees."

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