Exploring the Benefits of Market Research

a team of business people reviewing market research

Market research stands as a lighthouse guiding companies through the foggy waters of consumer behavior and competitive landscapes. It provides invaluable insights that shape the foundation of business strategies and market approaches. With the dynamic nature of markets today, staying informed and adaptable is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Understanding the multi-faceted perks of…

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Secrets Revealed: How to Launch Your Business Successfully in Just Days

a stylized photo of a rocket ship blasting off through a computer screen

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey has never been more exhilarating, especially with the ability to launch a business in a matter of days becoming a tangible reality. This blog explores five vital strategies that can catapult your business idea from concept to launch swiftly and effectively. Dive into the world of quick market entry, leveraging…

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How to Boost Your Sales: 5 Tips

a team reviewing a sales performance report

If your business is looking to boost its sales in the next few months and sustain this boost for the long haul, you have come to the right place. This guide will share the best unique tips to help turn around your business sales. Photo by PhotoMIX Company Perform market research The best way your business…

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Can You Truly Trust Market Research?

Market research is considered a necessary expense and an investment in the success of a business. Since market research cost is often high, companies expect a significant return on this investment. There are many marketing success instances, but also numerous failures when research has not been executed properly. Every company should be able to distinguish…

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How to Use Social Listening for Effective Market Research


Of all parts of marketing and product development, research might be the most fun (and the most work). While doing research is absolutely important to any business process, getting maximum output can require maximum resources, which is rarely sustainable and often overwhelming. The result is research that is either underdone or overruled. Luckily, the marketers…

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5 Essential Steps to Rebrand Your Small Business Successfully

Establishing strong branding for your small business is more important than ever in this crowded market space. It represents what your business stands for and dictates perceptions. While it’s one of the most crucial decisions you make before launching your business, branding is certainly not written in stone. There might be instances along the way…

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Here’s How NOT to Define Your Competition

We investors see this all the time. An entrepreneur pitches using a deck with no slide for competition. When asked (as we always do) the response is, “This is new. We have no competition.” Niet! No! Unh unh. Professional investors laugh when they hear an entrepreneur come out with that one. That statement has killed more…

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How to Market Research Like a Pro

Researching your particular market for the latest insights into what consumers want is a vital aspect of any contemporary business’s success, but many of today’s professionals are struggling to really tackle market research like a pro. While we’re often told that third-party outsourcing is the simplest and most effective way to research our markets, for…

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The Payoff from Audience Research

It’s no secret that we value our clients’ audiences here at Seer. We’ve been talking about ASIC for quite some time now. There are plenty of ways to learn about your audience. You can search through forums, read customer chat logs, look at site searches, and of course… talk to your customers! Forums, chat logs, and the other…

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