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Small is Beautiful: 8 Ways to Outshine Your Big Business Rivals

If you are a small business owner, you may worry about being outmatched by corporations and major chains. But sometimes being the underdog has its advantages. Here are some ways that small businesses can make the most of their size:

1. Agility
A large corporation may well have more clout due to sheer scale and long established practices, but you can capitalize on what’s impossible for them to achieve and create an exclusive share of the market for your business. Being small means you will be able respond far more quickly to changes in your chosen sector, and as you are closer to the ground, you will be in a better position to meet customer demands on a personal level.
2. Distinction
Your big business rivals may be more visible in the marketplace, but if you create a strong brand and a unique selling point you can build up a loyal customer base. Focus on what makes your business unique, or creating that differentiation, and set about incorporating it into your marketing strategy.
3. Trend-setting
Keeping up with industry trends is key to maintaining a strong presence. Without the prerequisite board meetings, middle men and miles of red tape, a small business can experiment with new trends and roll out new products far more easily than their bigger competitors. If you make sure you know your niche market inside-out, you can establish yourself as a trend-setter.
4. Ambition
Aiming for the top, staying competitive and open to change is key to ultimate success. The most successful small businesses have super-energetic, ‘can-do’ leaders at the helm. Obvious as it may sound, if you don’t believe passionately in your product, then no one will.
5. Risk-taking
Unhindered by corporate policy, small businesses can make quite radical changes, and, if they are not profitable, reverse them quickly. Large numbers of employees, complex budgets and a big customer audience mean corporations just can’t afford to take the risks that can often be hugely profitable for their smaller rivals.
6. Discernment
As a small business owner, you can afford to allocate more time and research into employing top-notch staff. And in any small business, the communication channels are more open than in their big-business counterparts—so any issues or bad work practices can be ironed out quickly.
7.  Cooperation
Standing in the shadow of the competitive edge of large company can force you to look sideways. Creating strategic alliances with other small businesses within your area could be the way forward. While making positive business relationships, always remember to maintain your identity.
8. Creativity
You’ve heard it said before, but necessity really is the mother of invention, and, as the majority of small business need to keep costs very low, their very nature encourages ingenuity and creativity.
There’s nothing like a tight budget to focus the mind and you will find that a little imagination will make your enterprise stand out from the crowd!
Author: This article was contributed by BusinessesForSale.com, the market-leading directory of business opportunities from online media group Dynamis. 
Published: June 29, 2015

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