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New to Business? 6 Inexpensive Ways to Market a New Business

If you have a new business, it can be difficult to get people to notice your company. However, it is those companies that can get their name seen that stay relevant and are able to succeed in a competitive market. If funds are low, don’t worry. Here are some inexpensive but effective ways to promote your business when you are just starting out and don’t have a very large budget.

Sponsor Something
Sponsoring something is more than just a way to gain visibility. It’s also a way to show people that you are interested and care. The options are quite vast. For example, you can sponsor a musician or athletic team in your area with a determined amount that is satisfactory to them but not overwhelming for you. Another option is to offer classes at your business in your particular industry. This can be much cheaper and also gets people in your doors for your company.
Sewn or ironed patches are a great way to be stylish and creative, while also getting your name out there. A patch can have your company logo or design, and you can hand them out for people to sport on their backpacks, clothing or in other unique places. The more that these patches are seen, the more your company name becomes known and increases in popularity.
Promotional Products
Giving away free stuff is always a great idea to gain popularity. One option for free stuff is promotional products with your companies name on it. For example, free laptop bags, coffee cups, clothing, or computer accessories are the type of things that people enjoy having, but don’t necessarily enjoy buying for themselves. Therefore, when you give these things to them, they’ll use them often and see your company name on them. When they use them at work or school, others will see the company name and may also ask about your company.
Bumper Stickers
Bumper stickers are great because they are traveling marketing. Anywhere that vehicle goes, your sticker will be seen. Other stickers work great too, as they can be placed on laptops, books or other hard surfaces.
Donate Old Magazines
A really unique and creative way to get the community to recognize your name is to donate old magazines that your company doesn’t use anymore. You can donate these items to a doctor or dentist office, or anywhere that has a waiting room. If your magazines have your business name on the front, then people will see that while they are reading the magazine, which will help get your name out to many more people.
Online Forums
A lot of businesses use social media and email. However, an equally valuable online resource is forums. You can find forums and networks of people who are interested in your market, which will make it easier to talk to like-minded individuals. This can help spread your business name, and get some loyal customers along the way. You can also help answer questions on a forum related to your business. For example if you are a plumber, you can go on a home repair forum and answer people’s plumbing questions. If they can’t do the job themselves, they’ll remember your company name and could call you for the job.
There are plenty of great ways to market your company on a budget. Any of these helpful hints will help you spread the word, without taking a toll on your budget when you are new to business.
Published: December 17, 2013

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