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How to Use Content Marketing in a Link Economy

The lifeblood of affiliate marketing is increasing streams of high-quality traffic. This increases the chances of both merchants and web publishers to increase their revenues. Still, obtaining these coveted visitors is only part of the equation. Once they arrive to a publisher’s web page, filled with affiliate links, it is imperative that they don’t leave right away.

Most visitors will arrive at a page, scan it for under 10 seconds, and leave if they are not interested. So the question is, how do you get more visitors to your page and how do you keep your target audience on your page long enough to start clicking your affiliate links?
Getting More Visitors to Your Pages
Get more visitors to your pages by providing them with great content. Great content is well-researched and relevant to the reader. The content should inform, inspire, or educate in some way. Content that will try to sell the visitor will most likely be ignored. Anchor text should also be enticing and represent the helpful nature of the content. For example, if you have a visitor with back pain, which link would they be more likely to click?
  1. “Secret product shows you how to get rid of back pain forever! Click here to buy now!!!” OR
  2. “5 Ways to Alleviate Back Pain without Using Medication”

Chances are they would click on the second one—but why? The second link represents a piece of content that will inform or educate the visitor. The visitor will also most likely spend more time on the site, researching other content.
This brings us to our second point, content. Using different formats, writing, spoken, video, etc., is a great way to keep things interesting for the visitor.
Examples of great content formats are:

A mixture of these can be used to keep an affiliate site interesting and relevant. Whatever the medium chosen, it is wise to create the best quality content. The content should be useful, relevant, and motivating.
Content that is motivating causes three reactions: people click, people share, or people click and share.
According to VigLink CEO Oliver Roup, “Content marketing is more than simply writing your own content to attract an audience. It’s also getting people to write about you and link back to your site.”
Taking the time to create great content on the front end saves you time and resources on the back end. This is because others will do the work of sharing and marketing your content for you. When someone sees content that they feel is very valuable, they feel compelled to share it. People will share it within whatever medium they find it, or they will come to the page and use the sharing tools within your site. This boosts your ability to get more traffic, more clicks, and more revenue.
Ease of Monetization
After putting in a lot of effort to produce quality content, it helps to have an efficient affiliate link monetization tool with advanced analytics, especially if it’s simple to implement and use. VigLink has created a cutting-edge program that has taken affiliate marketing to the next level. By automatically affiliating links to over 30,000 retailers, it maximizes earnings and saves affiliates time. The best part is that the technology continues to be developed, paving the way for a more profitable affiliate marketing experience, for both publishers and merchants.
Disclosure: I am an advisor to VigLink because I believe they have a unique, powerful, and useful tool that benefits anybody who uses it.
This article was originally published by The Mail
Published: October 1, 2013

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