Social media have the ability to put your business in front of a lot of new people thanks to viral content. But it’s not an automatic! There are a lot of voices trying to be heard on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and it takes a smart plan and strategic actions to make it work.

But even when businesses adopt a plan for social media, many of them are based on some incorrect assumptions. And if your foundation is shaky, then everything you build on top of it is in trouble, too. These incorrect assumptions, these social media myths, can get in between you and your customers, preventing your content from going viral the way it could.

Neil Patel of QuickSprout wrote about some of the “7 Social Media Mistakes That Can Keep Your Content From Going Viral.” Neil writes that when you avoid these mistakes, “your content is more likely to flourish and spread.”

Read Neil’s post for detailed explanations of these social media myths, but we want to just list out for you the seven mistaken beliefs people have and mistakes they make:

1. “Timing doesn’t matter.”
2. “All social buttons are the same.”
3. “Shares matter, not traffic.”
4. “People read content during the same peak times they share it.”
5. Focusing on all social channels.
6. Tweeting your content once.
7. “Slow and steady wins the race.”

The right strategy can turn social media into a powerful force for small business. It creates the opportunity to reach more people than ever before, and stay at the top of their mind. But to do it right, you have to have the right foundation.