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How to Market Your Content on Google Plus

By: Jeff Bullas


Google+ is not just a Facebook competitor. Google sees it as a core layer to its web assets and a vital part of the social web puzzle.

It is embedded in and across all Google’s web assets including Gmail, Blogger, Picasa and YouTube. Google+ was designed and developed from day one to be visual, integrated and mobile optimized.
As it has grown in popularity it needs to be taken more seriously by marketers. What is now the second largest social network should no longer be seen as an afterthought.
Google+ is about relevant content
Google’s objectives for Google+ are led by the key goal of improving user experience. This includes using the social network to improve the search results by serving up online content that is relevant, recent and accurate. It means providing content on the search results page that best meets the users expectations.
Social proof improves search engine performance
That is why the “+1 button” is important. It is social proof of what content people find valuable as they use the web, read blogs and share online. This adds to the accuracy of the search engine software.
This social proof feeds into mathematical equations used by Google’s computer servers to continue to make its search engine pertinent and as useful as possible to seekers of information online on a social web. So how content works on Google+ will be a bit the same as Facebook but with some twists.
So what are the top content activities on Google+?
Research from a GlobalWebIndex study reveals that the top content activities on Google plus are:
  1. Uploading and sharing photos
  2. Clicking a Google+ “+1 button” to vote on what content they like
  3. Watching video clips created by other users
  4. Sharing links to blogs
  5. Watching full length TV or films
  6. Sharing a link to an article
5 principles of optimum content activities on Google+
Here are 5 principles to keep in mind when creating, publishing and promoting content on Google+.
  1. Focus on visual content. Images, photos, and videos are vital for Google+ content sharing.
  2. Make it educational. Google+ is much more about learning and educating than Facebook. People tend to be more serious and want deeper and more insightful content than pictures of puppies and cats.
  3. Include regular and consistent content updates. Content posting frequency is dependent on your industry. Entertainment and media type sites that are about news and entertainment will require multiple updates on Google+ every day. Businesses to business sites don’t need that level of intensity; so once a day may be enough. Be prepared to experiment and see what works best for your brand.
  4. Make your Google+ sharing button prominent. Include a Google+ sharing button on your blogs and websites: This makes it easy for people to share your content.
  5. Use Google+ Hangouts. These can be used to share your most valuable content. It can be public or private. This includes webinars, question and answer sessions, and running workshops.
Learning how to market on Google plus by applying these tactics and principles can improve your social media marketing.
This article was originally published by Jeff Bullas
Published: October 1, 2013

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