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Is This the Most Important Part of Every Message?

By: Brian Mikes


Is This the Most Important Part of Every Message

Today I want to highlight an important texting best practice… and it’s one that could save you a mountain sized headache.

It’s 8 simple characters that you should include in every message you send.

What are they?

“Stop 2 End”

Yep, it’s that simple.

If you’ve been marketing in today’s digital age you know the importance of letting your customer control the communication process.

For example with email marketing CAN SPAM laws require you to, among other things, give people an easy way off your list.

Many people ask why they should do the same thing on your marketing texting.

My response is simple… you should do it because it’s just good business.

But in addition to that, you need to be cautious of TCPA and CTIA rules and regulations. You want to seek legal counsel for any questions about how the TCPA and CTIA and other laws will apply to your business practices.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but here’s a few general rules to follow:

  • Always add Opt-out language to each message. Examples: “STOP to End”, or “Stop 2 End”
  • Store and Capture Subscriber Data for a Minimum of 4 Years. This should include Phone #, IP and opt-in URL.
  • Include business name in your welcome message.
  • Include “Msg & Data Rates May Apply” message upon signup.
  • Include and have updated Terms and Conditions along with your Privacy Policy upon signup. You might send a link in one of your first messages!
  • Send an Opt-out confirmation message and store the information.
  • Send messages at times that make sense for your opt-in subscribers. You’ll want to understand and specify time zones… and try to avoid texting early or late in the day.
  • Maintain a DNC (Do Not Call/Do Not Message) lists. This is your responsibility as the sender. You may also want to research some other new information around this topic and of course, always consult your attorney first.

Are these the only best practices for businesses to follow? Of course not. There are lots of other best practices to follow.

Here’s the thing… these may feel like a headache to deal with now, but it’s much easier to do things the right way and avoid problems later on.

It’s the famous saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

To learn more about this topic, you might read up on the Mobile Marketing Association’s best practice guide. Find that MMA Best Practice document here.

Remember, Add “Stop 2 end” in every message you send and make your life as easy as cake.

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Published: October 15, 2019

Source: Betwext

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