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What a Local TV Commercial for Your Small Business Should Look Like


There’s a reason companies spend thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars on TV ads. They work! They reach a huge audience and bring people into stores to make purchases. Commercials must really be effective for companies to warrant spending a fortune on them. But what about smaller companies? TV spots that air in your local market can still be worth the money. It’s all about how the commercial comes across to viewers.

1. Professionally Shot

While it may be cheaper to find any old production company to do the task for you, you should invest in a high-quality, professional team. A group of people with experience and insight is going to be worth your time and money. After all, this commercial may air for years, and you don’t want to spend your company’s hard earned dollars on something subpar. Do some research and approach some dependable production companies.

2. Send a Clear Message

The two most common types of commercials are problem/solution, and solution. A problem/solution commercial shows you a problem, then identifies how a certain product can help that problem go away. A solution commercial simply offers something awesome and great that can make your life better. Follow one of these tried-and-true formats, to ensure your commercial delivers a clear message.

3. Show Your Location

For local TV commercials, it’s important to include your business’s address in the commercial, either spoken out loud or on the screen. This is especially important for small businesses that are not chain stores. People watching the commercial may have never heard of you, and they would have no idea where to go unless you include the address. It also doesn’t hurt to include a phone number, so someone can just pick up the phone and give you a call on the spot.

4. Be Inoffensive

You’d be surprised how many commercials inadvertently offend a specific group of people. In the age of social media, it’s all too common for a company’s advertisement to get pulled because viewers were offended by the implications. Be smart about your commercial, and keep it clean and fun. Choose tact and diversity.

5. Be Interesting

Make the commercial fun, creative, and memorable! Local TV ads have a tendency to be a bit boring, or just plain awkward.

Published: December 5, 2016

Source: Biz2Credit

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