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Healthy Employees Are No Small Business Feat

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Challenges abound when you run a small business. From hiring and retaining the best talent to making sure you keep your company’s finances out of the red, it can be a challenge from day to day.

One challenge that can oftentimes be overlooked on the small business front is keeping your employees fit and healthy for work. Okay, you’re not responsible for what your workers do outside the office when they’re not on the clock and not representing you, but healthy and happy employees tend to be better workers when all is said and done. With that in mind, what if anything are you doing to have healthy employees come and go from your office each and every day?
Encourage Wellness
One thing the small business owner can do is promote a fit and happy workplace. Sure, some company heads may think that this will come with a high financial price, but it certainly does not have to. Take a look around and you will find some affordable and worthwhile corporate wellness plans that could improve your company. Even better, such plans will ultimately save you more money over the long haul.
With the right plan, you can have your employees receive an annual wellness exam and yearly wellness coaching via a private doctor. With this in place, your employees and executives will have access to care and service 365 days a year. The alternative to having healthy and happy employees can end up costing small business owners loads of money over time. Face it; high rates of absenteeism in your office not only means less work is getting done, but it can also lead to low morale amongst those employees in attendance who are oftentimes then expected to pick up the added work load.
If you need some time to decide on a corporate wellness program for your small business, keep some other items in mind, including:
  • Promote fitness – While you’re not running a physical fitness center out of your office, you can certainly promote fit and healthy employees. Some small businesses include a gym membership as part of their “benefits” for work with them. Not only is this good from a health standpoint, but it can also encourage more workers to go together, building more office camaraderie;
  • Encourage better eating – Even though you can’t nor should you babysit your workers, you can provide healthier treats around the office. Instead of stocking vending machines with junk food (okay, a little bit won’t hurt anyone), provide items like fruits and vegetables in the office fridge. You could also provide discounts for employees to go to shops that sell healthy drinks and other such items when they are out on a break or at lunchtime;
  • Share ideas – Lastly, sit down periodically with your team managers or even the entire office and share ideas on how to make everyone healthier and happier in the workplace. From occasional office outings as a team to go do something fun and physical to cutting down the stress level, listen to what is being said. As many small business owners can likely tell you, sometimes their best ideas come right out of the mouths of their employees.
As someone running a small business, how do you keep your team healthy and happy?
Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and small business.
Published: February 5, 2015

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