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4 Workplace Benefits that Support Parents

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Balancing work and life can be challenging for many parents, especially when it comes to affording child care. When employers recognize and address this need, they’re not only helping working families, they’re also positioning themselves as an employer of choice for prospective employees. Benefits that support parents ultimately help your business, so everyone wins.

“Our Parent Confidence Survey shows parents are in dire need of child care support and they’re willing to change jobs for better access to employer-sponsored child care support,” said Dan Figurski, KinderCare Learning Companies’ president for employers and champions. “When employees say child care is the second most important benefit their employer can offer – second only to health insurance – that’s a sign employers cannot ignore if they want to retain and attract top talent.”

Why  benefits that support parents matter:

  • Talent attraction and retention: According to Harris Poll, 69% of parents have or have considered switching jobs because quality child care is too difficult or expensive to secure.
  • Encouraged engagement: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 4.9 million people missed work because they were caring for children not in daycare.

More than half of parents who responded to the survey said they would stay in their current jobs if their job offered these benefits that support parents:

  1. Tuition. This benefit is one of the easiest ways employers can offer child care support, by covering up to 100% of tuition at an accredited early learning center. This allows parents, no matter their work style, to have affordable access to high-quality early childhood education and care for their children. It also allows employers to offer child care support to a broader swath of their employee population. According to Harris Poll, 67% of employees believe employers should offset the cost of child care. 
  2. Backup care. Backup care is a benefit that supports parents on a moment’s notice when their regular child care falls through by allowing them access to in-center care.
  3. On-site child care. A custom, high-quality on-site early learning center brings child care directly to employees, allowing parents to be near their children even while they’re at work
  4. Before- and after-school care. Child care needs don’t end when a child goes to elementary school. Many families struggle to bridge the gap between school and workdays beginning and ending. Employers can help bridge the time gap by providing access to a safe place for elementary school-age children to continue their educational journey while parents start and finish their workdays.

Learn more and find tips to talk with your employees or employers about these benefits that support parents at kindercare.com/employer-sponsored-child-care.

Published: November 7, 2023

Source: KinderCare

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