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3 Invisible Mistakes Your Small Business Might Be Making

By: Alex Murphy


Invisible Mistakes You Might Be Making

Successful entrepreneurs may look all jovial and rich, but the truth is that most of them have been to hell and back. They have undergone pain, frustration, losses, and even come to the brink of giving up.

In its tender age, a small business tends to make many mistakes. While there is a school of thought that making mistakes is important, that notion can only stand if the business learns from the mistakes. Making mistakes unknowingly is the worst thing that can happen to an entrepreneur. The following three mistakes are not immediately visible, but they can water down an excellent business plan.

Time Mismanagement

Many people are victims of this mistake, and know how costly it can be. As a small business, time management should be at the top of a business’s priorities. Many are doing the opposite and do not even realize it. Effectiveness (doing the rights things correctly) is very important. Some small businesses do not list their priorities for the day.

Owners and employees spend too much time concentrating on not-so-important things, for instance, emails. Human resource professionals will also tell you that poor time management causes many workplace conflicts. Consider prioritizing activities, because it helps in maximizing profits.

For better time management, it is also important to consider delegating less important tasks. If this problem has affected your employees, you had better connect them to a career coach soon. Even a sole proprietor will benefit greatly from time management training as he or she will be able to improve cash flow and spend more time with family.

Disconnect With Your Audience/Poor Marketing

Marketing is the core of a modern business, yet a good number of small businesses continue to overlook it. In the real sense, many owners are not even aware of targeted marketing. Sometimes, they are not sure what they want their audience to know. Without unlocking this puzzle, it is almost impossible to market effectively.

When all the audience gets is a mixed messages, they get confused. A small business must construct and deliver a consistent message. When the chance to create a good impression is squandered, there might never be a second chance.

Many small businesses may complain of small budgets, but it is not really about the depth of the company’s pockets. How the budget is used is the most important factor. For example, there are very affordable SEO services. However, the success of digital marketing also depends on the web host, so do not let the budget hinder you. Set your budget and look for marketing options within it.

Not Measuring Progress

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. We all know the importance of measuring performance, but this somehow escapes many small businesses. Having a plan is just a start. Detailing every activity and its impact on overall output is essential. This way, gaps of underperformance can be identified and remedied. What works should be repeated, while the errors must be eliminated at the earliest opportunity.

There you have them; three invisible mistakes that small business tend to make. Which one are you still grappling with? Retrace your steps and start dealing with it right away. Remember that mistakes in a small business can be valuable if there is room for remedy, but expensive if they are invisible to the owners.

Recognizing these mistakes early can catapult your firm to unimaginable greatness. So enjoy yourself as you identify some mistakes that you may still be making, as you grow your business.

Published: May 9, 2017

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