James Nathan

James Nathan is a Geek & Internet freak currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in marketing information technology. He’s a die-hard digital marketer fan who keeps track of every little happening in the SEO industry.


How to Grow a Business on Instagram

According to niche research, almost three-fourths of Instagram users have bought something that appeared on their feed. Instagram has 700 million users, who are active daily. You do the math. The potential customer base is…


Read This Before Buying a CheckPeople.com Background Check

We’ve heard that Checkpeople is user-friendly and open to anyone, even those without a background in pre-employment screening – or any other type of screening, for that matter. But is this true? Should you buy…


How to Create a Data-Driven Map

You’ve likely encountered digital maps used by GPS devices and phones. Many of us have become so dependent on these maps that we wouldn’t be able to get around without them. Maps for Business Presentations…


How to Start an Online Business in Canada in 2021

Virtually anyone can start an online business in Canada so long as you’re willing to put in the work. Whether you want to create a home business or become the next eCommerce giant, the internet…

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Physical Gold Online

Gold is the safe-haven asset choice of many. A commodity that’s spanned centuries of human investment, interested buyers exist to this very day. However, while the idea of buying and holding gold for profit isn’t…

7+ Innovative Applications of AI in the Legal Domain

AI has shifted the business landscape within multiple industries, creating various new opportunities for improved performance and productivity. Today’s computers are so advanced they can execute high-level analysis, evaluating large volumes of data to extract…

How to Project the Web Hosting Needs for Your Business Website

It’s easy to overlook the importance of your web hosting plan, but the type of web hosting package you purchase can sometimes have a pretty big impact on the functionality and growth of your business….