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How Learning Coding Can Make You a Self-Sufficient Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are someone who must wear many hats, especially as your business takes off. The more you can keep in-house, the more you will save.

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Trade Secrets from the Competition

A trade secret is information that is valuable and unique to a business, and it is not accessible to people outside of the business. Federal and state law protects trade secrets, but business owners must follow a few rules to legally protect their documents.

What Is Causing Your Project Failure?

There are various combinations of mistakes contributing to all project failures. While each project fails for its own reason, failed projects share many of the same pitfalls and mistakes. The following are some of the most common reasons project leaders experience failure:

Help Your Employees Further Their Education

One of the benefits that some employers include in their employee packages is assistance with continuing education or tuition reimbursement. While it is not part of most benefits packages, it does get a lot of attention when it is included.

A Startup Goldmine: Combining Healthcare and Technology

Small businesses should be at the forefront of modern technology. Anyone desiring to engage in a successful startup should consider the plethora of technological advances, literally, at our fingertips.

5 Best Marketing Tips from Weight Watchers

Lots of weight loss programs and businesses exist, but what sets Weight Watchers apart is their marketing. The following five strategies have worked for Weight Watchers and could be used to advance your own business—regardless of the industry.

Mixing Content Marketing and Trade Shows

Implementing a content marketing strategy into all aspects of your business model is a must in today’s economy, regardless of the environment. For instance, there are several ways to combine content marketing and trade shows.

Is Your Business Suffering from Cash Flow Difficulties?

Cash flow is essential for any business. It is vital for both survival and growth, but maintaining a healthy cash flow can be problematic in today’s economic climate. Many businesses will suffer cash flow difficulties at some point and the unfortunate reality is that if cash flow problems are not addressed early on then intervention will be required later in the form of business recovery.

How to Write Emails That Will Be Read

Running a small business is always connected with extensive email communication, which include—on the sender side—mainly distributing offers and strict business-to-business dealings. The question is how to make electronic correspondence interesting enough to be read by a potential customer or business partner. Here are a few tips.

Is Your Office an Injury Waiting to Happen?

How safe is your small business office? When it comes to injuries at work, you might think of construction sites or other more hazardous workplaces, but in fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around 76,000 office workers fall victim to disabling injuries each year.