It is estimated that a staggering 96% of businesses fail in the first 10 years, and this has much to do with the complexities and demands of maintaining commercial growth.

With entrepreneurs often focused on the internal components of their business, it is easy to see why so many lose sight of the macroeconomic and financial market factors that can have a direct impact on their ventures.

Business-owners should therefore strive to develop an understanding of the financial markets if they are to succeed, and here are some of the main benefits of this:

It Allows You to Make Informed Strategic and Pricing Decisions

Let’s start with one of the practical benefits, as understanding the financial markets can actively inform your decisions as a business-owner. A knowledge of the forex market is particularly important, with online brokerage resources like Oanda offering access to a host of practical and theoretical tools that can deliver crucial insight.

The forex market deals in currency, the value of which has a direct impact on the cost of both importing goods and exporting your core products. If your national currency depreciates, the cost of importing rises while exports traditional become more competitive. The reverse is true when your currency increases in value, and understanding this can help you to make relevant commercial decisions.

This is particularly true in relation to pricing, as you may need to factor such fluctuations into your retail pricing structure or look to reduce wholesale costs.

It Enables You to Understand Macroeconomics

If you are unfamiliar with macroeconomics, this is the field that essentially studies how the aggregate economy behaves. Detailing the unique relationships that exist between economic factors such as inflation, interest rates and the cost of living, this can help entrepreneurs to predict specific outcomes and better prepare their business for the prevailing climate.

Make no mistake; you can learn a great deal about macroeconomics by trading on the financial market or understanding how derivatives such as currency dictate economic and fiscal trends.

By accessing an online demo account you can even learn first-hand, without committing your hard-earned income or commercial capital.

It Can Help to Boost Your Revenue

As you begin to learn about the financial markets, its impact on the economy and the behavior of specific asset classes, you will also identify opportunities to profit and boost your revenues.

These should be discarded, whether they are accessible through a direct investment or by tailoring a key part of your commercial strategy.

Direct investment can certainly an excellent way to boost your businesses capital, particularly if you use your knowledge to create a portfolio that strikes the ideal balance between risk and reward. This optimizes your chances of making money in real-time, while capitalizing on the numerous economic trends that you have identified.

There is risk associated with this, of course, but with an informed approach and a clear understanding of your appetite risk you can easily profit in any financial market climate.

Zak Goldberg
Zak Goldberg is a Law & Business Graduate from the University of Leeds and has chosen to follow his aspiration of becoming a publish author, offering expert advice and commentary of all areas of law and business economics.