Learn Hard Skills to Save on Freelancers

In today's digital age, entrepreneurs are unparalleled in their ability to access a wealth of information without having to attend classes at a traditional academic institution. You can safely expect this industry to continue to grow, with more and more content and more and more players getting into the game.

Outbrain: Unlock the Power of Total Discovery

For entrepreneurs who don't have the time to send social media status updates or execute creative marketing campaigns, Outbrain has developed an easier way for small businesses to gain exposure. In this review, I'll discuss how Outbrain offers businesses a leading content discovery platform as a smarter way to engage their audience online.

SaneBox: An Exceptional Tool to Manage Your Emails

Life without email would be unimaginable at this point—we rely on this form of communication far too much to be able to give it...

Professional Graphic Designs with 99designs

Similar to Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing has emerged as an effective means of generating graphic designs for less money and with more options to choose from than hiring a freelancer. In this tech review, I'll discuss the advantages of initiating a Crowdsourcing campaign with 99designs.

Basecamp Project Management Software

Successful project management can be achieved in business through proper organization and clarity in collaboration amongst team members. Project management software is useful in helping businesses store and share valuable project information with team members.

Killer Startup: Lukewarm Emailer Gets You in Touch with the Right People

The Elevator Pitch: Lukewarm Emailer helps you build a list of contacts from Twitter, reach out via cold email, and track responses.

Is Xero the Right Accounting Software for You?

The task of managing all your accounting records can prove to be a serious challenge, particularly for a small business with a large quantity...

Visualize Your Data Using iCharts

We've all been in a meeting where someone is presenting a data set and nothing seems to make sense until they show a chart or a set of charts that present all the information they've been discussing in a well-organized, easy to read fashion. That's exactly the clarity you want to convey when discussing your business.

Manage Your Passwords and More in One Place

Whether email, social media, news, or ecommerce, we visit countless websites every day that require you to sign up with an account. But what if you don't know where to save your passwords or don't have time to remember 10 different passwords—so you end up with a single password that, if somebody got a hold of it, would compromise all of your accounts?

Pay Your Employees while on the Go

For small business owners who don't expect to always be in the office, there need to be processes set in place that maximize productivity when working from a remote location.

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