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5 Marketing Technology Challenges that All Businesses must Solve

By: Kenny Trinh


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Technology has a significant impact on everything. As a matter of fact, technology is disrupting pretty much everything we thought we knew or believed. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly connected and distracted easier than ever before.

Marketers were mostly unprepared for the onslaught of the technological era and are struggling to re-image their organizations and their careers, even with the best business laptops at their disposal. As technology drives businesses forward, marketers need to catch up or risk being left behind in an era that is more interconnected than ever before.

With the advancement of technology, prototype marketers are becoming what are called hybrid-technological marketers. These marketers have an insatiable hunger for all that knowledge they can gain from the tech industry and are continually testing and integrating new solutions to try and gain an edge in performance and efficiency. They use a business laptop instead of a home one in order to test various solutions.

Marketing Technology Challenges

Though many marketers still need help and guidance from the IT specialist when it comes to security, data storage, mobility, and even operational infrastructure. However, when it comes to choosing the right technology for driving marketing strategies forward, that is mainly the domain of a marketing technologist.

Digital marketing takes skill and vision, and regardless there will be challenges. What are some of the most common technology challenges that marketers are facing today?

Let’s have a look.

1.       Redundancy

There are thousands of marketing technologies that you can choose from, with new products emerging daily. Therefore, redundancy with marketing technology is inevitable. Marketers need to be more strategic in their approach so that they can avoid these redundancies when it is possible to do so.

Some marketing teams are dedicating content marketing as their solution stating it is precisely what is needed to take full advantage of marketing technology while avoiding redundancies—common features such as calendars and project management help to keep redundancies at bay. However, you must be careful because analytic dashboards and the like are redundant to existing marketing automation.

Take your entire marketing trends into consideration when making software decisions so that you can avoid inefficiencies. Do not use sinking resources that will result in solutions that provide similar functions as others.

2.       Velocity

Change is accelerating at a rapid pace, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. High-performing companies are constantly needing to adapt as new technology emerges. Opportunities are also emerging, and it is going to take an agile approach that requires someone to own their marketing strategies.

As velocity changes, you need to adapt your marketing strategies to suit. Large enterprises to small businesses are relying on tech-savvy marketing experts to adapt to the velocity changes and help them get ahead of the game.

3.       Integration

One of the main challenges marketers are facing is trying to figure out the solutions their businesses need and integrating these technologies into their strategies by any means necessary. All industry giants are investing billions into marketing technology integrations to help build a compelling all-in-one marketing solution in the cloud.

Start-up organizations are developing an ecosystem that will help to produce a steady stream of products that are solving niche marketing problems. Core marketing technology platforms are increasingly open and are easy to integrate with specialized solutions.

Most of these platforms feature open APIs and marketplaces, in which developers can release complementary products.

4.       Complacency

Complacency is born from a lack of vision and will. Those in conservative cultures or who have stagnant leadership will fall victim to complacency. It develops an atmosphere of inertia over innovation, which is needed in the technological marketing market of today’s modern world. More than half of organizations believe that their marketing strategies are moving to slow for the modern age of technology.

The most frequent reason that organizations are falling behind the technological marketing trend is that they are working on a lack of urgency. Digital transformation is new, and using social media, analytics, embedded devices, and mobile will enable businesses to improve significantly in their marketing strategies.

5.       Talent

Having decent and even good technological marketers is necessary for organizations to grow, and that requires a level of talent. The demand for tech-savvy marketers is growing exponentially, but there is a shortage of those who possess the talent for this marketing style. The majority of companies lack the necessary skills that are needed to take a step into the technological world.

Even universities are struggling to keep up with the new digital-first approach to marketing. Digital marketing and even social media marketing help organizations gain a competitive edge on other companies.

While many universities are training students for marketing careers, there is an onus of teaching digital marketing on businesses. To brand your organization, you need to find digital marketing talent in the sea of those who can market but are lacking the necessary digital skills.


Many organizations and marketing professionals are struggling with the ever-changing needs of marketing and branding themselves. With technology continually advancing, the need for talented individuals in the technological marketing sector is becoming more in demand.

As technology is at the forefront of the marketing world, it is getting increasingly more necessary to leap into the digital marketing world. However, with a lack of talent and organizational complacency, it is hard to change the mindset of those who need to change from traditional marketing avenues to more advanced digital avenues.

Even with a desire to focus on digital marketing, it is necessary to find the right person who can help with the integration and the velocity of the marketing needs. Organizations are going to face these challenges continuously, and it is time to solve them so that they can move forward in the revolutionized way of business.

Published: May 5, 2020

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