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Matt Gossett is a writer and editor for Tarkenton Companies. A graduate of Washington and Lee, Matt is currently studying International Business at the HEC School of Management in Paris. He specializes in leadership issues, combining insight from business, athletics, and education. Connect with him on


Is Xero the Right Accounting Software for You?

The task of managing all your accounting records can prove to be a serious challenge, particularly for a small business with a large quantity of transactions taking place throughout the course of a normal business…

A Chat Tool for Dynamic Teams

An alternative to email that enables teams to organize and sync their communication across all devices, Fleep simplifies cluttered conversations by storing important information and files in a single location that’s easy to find.

Accept Online Payments without Transaction Fees

PayStand is an all-in-one payment platform that allows businesses to accept multiple payment methods: from credit cards to eCheck to eCash. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms that charge transaction fees, PayStand offers merchants the unique opportunity to take advantage of a subscription based service.

Don’t Ignore These Variables in Financial Analysis

However idea-fueled your organization might be, entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore the significance of numbers. Maintaining a regularly updated set of financial data and forecasts will not only provide you with a clearer understanding of your business’s performance but will also part a crucial role when seeking money from investors.

Is eCommHub for You?

One great feature of eCommHub is that the service easily integrates with your existing online store. Compatible with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Volusion, 3dcart and more, the software even enables you to integrate multiple storefronts with the same account so that you can easily manage all of your online stores in the same place.

Asana: A Project Manager’s Ultimate Convenience

Founded by ex-Facebook and Google employees, Asana is a powerful tool that’s been designed to help businesses maximize collaborative work efficiency and ease tension between managers and their project team in an otherwise hectic office environment.

ZenDesk: Customer Service Management for Your Small Business

One challenge that all business must concern themselves with is how to best manage customer service in order to successfully generate repeat business. ZenDesk enables businesses to offer their customers a range of self-help options when it comes to solving common issues.

Scheduling Made Easy with Doodle

When managing a team of employees, it can be difficult to find a meeting time that suits everyone’s schedule. It can be even more difficult when certain members of your team work remotely, and you’re forced to keep track of everyone’s availability by jumping from one email to the next.

Wix Web Design

For businesses that simply don’t have the time or money to go out and hire an experienced web developer, Wix offers businesses and individuals an easy-to-use, affordable alternative to setting up a professional-quality website.

The Most Common Problems During Conference Calls

To better understand how Uberconference can be a practical solution for your small business, I’ve put together a list of common problems experienced during conference calls and how Uberconference addresses these issues.