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How the Right Technology Facilitates Working from Home

By: Scott Resnick


How the Right Technology Facilitates Working from Home

Working from home might seem like a luxury, but in fact, it has serious benefits for both employees and employers. Plus, working from home is simple these days with cloud solutions that foster communication across cities, states, and the entire country.

TTI’s cloud software mobile app gives you this kind of ease in communication. No longer do you have to have a specialized “business phone” to communicate with colleagues; instead, you can use the app on your smartphone to receive communications from your work phone, make conference calls, and check your voicemail. Here, we’ll tell you how our cloud software app can simplify your life and make working from home possible.

Our app lets you send and receive communication using your business phone number.

One of the problems some people face when they work from home is that they don’t have dedicated business lines. As a solution, our app lets you use your business calling plan and business caller ID when calling clients or colleagues. This way, you’ll not only be identifiable as a professional from wherever you’re calling, but your clients will also have a business line at which to reach you.

Our app means your voicemail is available to you wherever you are.

Before working from home became so feasible, you had to access your voicemail on the phone where the voicemail was recorded. However, working from home makes it necessary to access your voicemail wherever you are. This is one of the benefits of our app—you can receive your messages wherever you are.

Our app is your virtual attendant in the cloud.

Another potential problem with working from home: staying on top of all your meetings, appointments, and project due dates in a mobile workspace. This problem is solved with our app’s virtual assistant, which helps you keep track of your schedule across several different devices.

Our app lets you conference with colleagues or clients.

Yet another problem solved with our app: with normal calling plans, conference calls are difficult. Not so with our app, which gives you conference calling functionality, allowing you to conduct the call either as its moderator or as an attendee. Further, our app gives you access to a shared contacts directory and your colleague’s extensions so you don’t have to dig before scheduling these conference calls.

Published: May 22, 2017

Source: TTI Houston

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