It Pays to be Neighborly: Franchises Building Relationships with the Community

Everyone loves the neighbor who plans block parties, waters your plants while you're away on vacation, and does their part to make the community a better place. One of the magical things about owning a franchise is the fact that you can be that neighbor and benefit your entire community.

Is Your Crazy New Business Idea a Home Run or a Dud?

Whether it's your next big business or a unique marketing campaign, when that next ambitious idea hits, ask yourself these five questions—and if the answer is yes to all five, well, roll up your sleeves and make it happen!

VIDEO: Why There’s No Map for Starting a Business

Some people insist that good planning is the key to reaching any worthwhile goal (like starting a business). Here's why they may be wrong.

Building the Right Team

Hiring the right employees does not only help mitigate the risk of having to replace them down the road. It fosters a culture of high-level thinking and productivity and serves as the cornerstone of a strong office environment.

Google Plus Local Tips for Franchises

As with anything that directly relates to the world's most popular search engine, Google Plus Local can be a useful tool for your small business to engage prospects in the surrounding area.

5 Advantages of Forgoing an MBA

Where you choose to learn is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your career. The choice between attending graduate school and working in the real world is in fact the choice between two different models of education—and two very different outcomes.

How to Prepare Your Small Business to Weather a Storm

Does your small business have an emergency storm-preparedness plan? You may think you don’t have the time or resources to create one. But businesses of all sizes can—and really should—create a simple list of important “to-dos” in case a natural disaster or other emergency interrupts your normal course of operation.

5 Things to Look for in a Franchisor

Picking a franchise to invest in is a big decision, and one that often requires a lot of soul searching. Beyond the financial investment that these businesses require, there are many personal sacrifices and a certain level of risk that is involved in becoming your own boss.

Challenges Facing Women Entrepreneurs

Last month, the Gender GEDI Index—the branch of Dell's Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index focused on opportunities for women—ranked the U.S. first out of 17 countries as a haven for female entrepreneurship. However, as even the U.S. scored only a 76 on a 100-point scale, it's clear that there are still challenges facing women entrepreneurs in this country.

How to Grow a Business Using SBA Loans

SBA loans are one of the best financing resources for small businesses hoping to grow in the United States. Small businesses who might not otherwise qualify for traditional bank loans can benefit from the SBA's loan guarantee program. The SBA can help small businesses increase cash flow and take on new business.

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