Going from Suck to Non-Suck as a Public Speaker

People often ask me for advice about public speaking, since I do a lot of it. Of course, it's often reported that people are more afraid of public speaking than death (which is not exactly empirically accurate, but it is close). In my experience, becoming a good public speaker is not a natural skill for anyone.

Home Healthcare Franchises

While young parents are busy working and taking care of their own children, their parents might need extra help with daily activities like making meals, remembering to take medication, or taking care of personal hygiene. Non-medical home health aid and advocate franchises are the solution to this problem.

Want a Powerful Small Business Brand? Avoid These 5 Branding Mistakes

Making these common branding mistakes could limit the potential growth of your business and jeopardize your bottom line. You can set your business apart by avoiding these six common branding mistakes with consistent marketing communications and a solid brand identity.

Understanding a Franchise’s Mission

What is the goal of the franchise you're considering? Some franchises share their mission statement publicly—but that might not mean that you know what their goal is.

You Inherited the Family Business—Now What?

The baton is passed; the papers are signed; the nameplate on the door has been changed. The family business is now your business, and what you do with it over the next few months will help chart its course for generations to come.

7 Signs It’s Time to Move Your Office Out of Your Home

Home offices are great: you can roll out of bed and start working in a matter of seconds. There are some businesses that can grow and flourish from a home office for their entire period of operation—but there are some that need bigger spaces or some distance to move beyond a certain level.

5 Special Qualities Shared by Courageous Leaders

A leader has so many special qualities that it's inspirational when you work with them. They possess an invisible aura that radiates confidence and challenges everyone around them to achieve greater heights than they would have ever dared to try before.

How to Get What You Want in 2014

I always laugh when people comment that I seem to be very productive. I think it is based on the illusion created by social media, when all we see are celebrations of finished blog posts, or program announcements, media coverage or photos of glamorous travel.

How to Franchise a Business

If you have a successful business and have determined that it is "franchise-able," meaning you have evaluated its potential and found that it can in fact be duplicated well and offer beneficial returns as a franchise, these are the next steps to take.

VIDEO: 80/20: Why Focusing on the 20 Isn’t Enough

We know that 80% of results come from just 20% of effort. The problem is that even though the 80/20 principle helps us be more productive at one thing, we forget to plan what to do with that extra 80% of energy.

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