Insight Is Not the End—It’s the Beginning

Insight is the starting point. Our Insights should create a dialogue or conversation. It should begin a collaborative process, where we and the customer evaluate what it means for them. If our Insight doesn't start a conversation, we have failed. If we can't sustain the conversation, we have failed.

Avoid the 10 Most Common Small Biz Sales Mistakes

All sales professionals make mistakes from time to time, irrespective of their industry, product, or skill level; and some are more common than the others. However, when it comes to business success, there is little or no room for mistakes because each one comes with a consequence.

Funnel/Pipeline Games

The funnel/pipeline is a fundamental tool for sales professionals and managers. It's the tool that helps us understand whether we are on target to meeting our goals. I spend a lot of time looking at funnels. I've seen all sorts of issues and potential games (inadvertent and purposeful) that are played with pipelines. I thought I'd spend a little time on a few of them.

Belief and Confidence: Critical for Sales Success

To be successful as sales professionals we have to believe in ourselves. We have to have confidence in working with our customers, in our abilities to bring value to and influence our customers.

Deal Value or Buyer Value?

Focusing on deal value colors our strategies and focus. However subtly, everything becomes “what we get from the deal.” But we get nothing unless the buyer gets superior value from our solution and chooses it. So deal value is meaningless unless we understand buyer value.

May I Ask You a Question?

One of the biggest issues marketing and sales folks face is just getting on the radar screen of their prospects. Even when you have...

Is Cold Calling Contrary to Being a Go-Giver?

A reader recently emailed me the following: “Hi Bob, I love being in sales and want to make a difference. The company I just started...

How to Get Distribution for Your Products

The ultimate goal of many small business owners is to eventually see their products on the shelves at Target, Costco, or other big-box stores....

The Killer Closing Technique

Through my career, I've been "taught" and subjected to 100's of different closes. The assumptive close, the puppy dog close, the limited time close, and the list goes on and on and on.

The Science of Selling to Women

There is no magic sauce that will help you gain women’s attention as you market your products or services. You can’t paint your product...

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