Gift Cards: From Last Minute Gift to Best Seller

Once upon a time, you would buy a gift card as a present if you were short on gift ideas. It was generally a...

Open Up to Your Customers, Close Sales Faster with Sales Apps

Little by little, small businesses are recognizing the convenience of mobile applications. According to a survey by Clutch.Co, more than 50% of small businesses...

How to Pitch to a National Chain

Sam’s Club’s “30 Minutes to Win It” event is a way for small vendors to get in front of some of the most important buyers...

10 Secrets for Retail Small Business Owners to Boost Holiday Sales

Billions of dollars are spent during the busy holiday season. So, as a small business owner, how can you get in on the action...

Is It Your Sales Process?

Most organizations I work with have a sales process. But when I look at it, it's not THEIR sales process. Sure it's a sales process, but it's not theirs.

Becoming a Government Contractor: Where to Start?

Once you realize that your business needs the world's largest purchaser (U.S. government municipalities) as a customer, the next step is to determine how to become a government contractor. The following is a framework for how to initiate this process.

Create Copy That Sells

Having a great product is only half the battle when it comes to making a sale. You also need a convincing argument to your potential customer that yours is the best product available. You must sell the customer on your goods, and to do that you have to have great sales copy.

Use “Switching Costs” to Your Marketing Advantage

Know the cost to move from your existing platform, and estimate the switching costs for moving from a competitor's product or service to yours. Offer incentives to existing customers to stay, and for competitor's customers to switch.

You’re Not Playing Baseball: Ditch the Pitch

Whether you are selling something or trying to get people to cooperate with you, ditch the "pitch;" leave the pitching for the baseball field.

How to Handle 5 Common Sales Scenarios

The most successful entrepreneurs are great salespeople. Have you ever seen Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Mark Benioff presenting in front of thousands of...

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