Essential Tips to Create a Successful Business Raffle

Raffle fundraisers can be very successful and relatively easy campaigns for businesses. Great for boosting publicity, attracting a bigger customer base and raising funds...

Celebrate Sales with a Text Message

Competition is important to every business, but just as important as competition is collaboration. You can see this in the dramatic growth of social networking and cloud computing over the last decade.

The Power of Just ONE More Unit

There is such leverage in high gross profit margins once a company is past break-even. Every dollar of gross profit falls to the bottom line, increasing net profit faster with each transaction. The point is that once a company is stable at or above the break-even point, one incremental unit generates robust increases in net profit.

Our Value Creation Starts Within Our Own Company

Recently, I wrote, “Sales People Don’t Have The Time To Create Value With Customers...” Clearly, this is unacceptable if we are to drive business results....

Are They at 57% Yet?

As a kid, I recall many of our family vacations involved long drives to some place or other. Inevitably, after my sisters and I...

You’re Not Playing Baseball: Ditch the Pitch

Whether you are selling something or trying to get people to cooperate with you, ditch the "pitch;" leave the pitching for the baseball field.

5 Tips for Getting Over Stage Fright

Whether you are speaking to group of two in a sales presentation or you're standing at a podium, with hundreds of eyes on you, the intent is the same. Have stage fright? You're not alone. They say that our greatest fear, once you've eliminated death as a choice, is public speaking.

Using Digital Influence to Enhance the In-Store Experience

From the perspective of the digital consumer, the lines between online and offline have blurred; given this, most are looking for integrated shopping experiences, and retailers better take note and do something about it.

Are Your Sales Suffering Due to These Common Faults?

If I make a mistake ­ even a big one, as I’m typing this article, I can simply select the text, delete it and...

Analyze Your Product Line

Product analysis is key to maximizing your party plan sales and part of the Cash Flow Show training program. Between talking about party bookings, getting the scoop...

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