Neutral is Not a Strategy

Too often, I meet sales people who are uncomfortable with challenging their customers. Whether it's out of politeness (the customer is always right), or not wanting to "rock the boat" with the customer, they are non-committal.

The Future of Retail [Infographic]

Retail isn't dead, it's dynamic. Consumers are always going to want to buy, but in an increasingly digital world how will the retail industry adapt? For any small business owner or entrepreneur trying to stay up to speed with this industry, it is vital to be aware of the emerging trends and changes in retail.

Selling With Free Trials and Product Demos

One of the most popular ways to turn a prospect into a customer is offering a product demo or a limited-time free trial. What makes them such great ways to market your product or service to potential clients is that it lets them really interact with what you’re selling and experience first-hand what they would be getting. But which options are right for you?

Customer Stuck? Not Moving Forward?

It’s a common lament among sales people: “I’m trying to close the customer, I can’t get them to move forward! They’re dragging their feet, they just...

“Fix the Sales Problem!”

Revenue growth and revenue generation is dependent on the company's ability to identify and target new markets for existing solutions, developing new solutions for existing customers.

5 Ways to Get Great Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials help making selling your product easy. Potential prospects often want proof that your product works the way that you claim it does. Customer success stories help validate your product and your company in general. If a customer loves your product, you have an easy job on your hands.

The Product-Focused Company

Organizing by product lines is a very common business strategy. There's some great power to this, but if we inflict our organizational structure on the customer, making it hard for them to buy, they'll always default to the easy to buy choice.

Insight: The Convergence of Strategies

Insight has become the buzzword for engaging today's buyers. We are supposed to teach our customers—helping them identify new opportunities, areas to improve, problems they may not realize they have.

Why Aren’t Customers Contacting Us?

Your website may be your only point of contact from customers or it may be just one way they can reach out to you. However, if it is not effective, you may be losing out on sales and new customers.

Keeping Track of Sales

Being in business requires that you keep great accounting records both for the IRS and general financial management. An equally critical tool is a good sales tracking system that monitors your sales activities and makes sure potential sales are not lost in the hustle of each day.

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