5 Hot Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know

In order to succeed, small business owners must have a knack for predicting the future. Rather than just rely on their inherent desire to be an entrepreneur, they must also carry a figurative crystal ball with them at all times, keeping abreast of any and all trends that will help earn business.

How to Simplify Your Business (Even as it Grows)

Is your business too complicated? This is a common side effect of fast growth. It can cause big problems if left unchecked. That old, special-offer landing page you forget still existed can cause a huge headache when customers who now think they're getting a bad deal discover it.

5 of Steve Jobs’s Biggest Mistakes

It's a great disservice to everyone, especially young people, that the stories that we often hear about the most accomplished entrepreneurs sound so effortless. Despite what we may have read, Steve Jobs was no different. Here are five of Jobs's greatest mistakes, all of which history shows he ultimately learned from.

Failure is the Greatest of Teachers

Not all companies are successful. The end game can be a failure of the business. In fact, many angel investors or venture capitalists look for and respect the lessons learned by entrepreneurs that have survived a failed business.

10 Branding Cracks to Avoid

A brand by its nature has to be strong and stable. Owners of the brand have to be ever diligent to ensure its authenticity. Stake holders have an enormous impact on this stability. Stresses from the marketplace place a hefty strain on it

What Google (and You) Can Learn from Amazon

Amazon's strategy and decision-making process starts (and perhaps ends) with improving the customer experience. Every important meeting, project, or initiative at Amazon begins with a discussion of how the ideas will ultimately benefit customers.

What Your Business Can Learn from 3 Tech Titans

When you think about the latest gadgets, specific companies likely come to mind. It's not solely because they manufacture all the gaming consoles, smartphones, and other tech-related toys you love, but because these companies are among the most successful tech titans in the world.

Does Transparency Hurt Business?

I believe people want to know that those they respect and esteem are normal folks, just like they are. They want to know about their failures, their foibles, their unusual beliefs and interests.

Basic Steps to Protect Your Invention

Once you've come up with a great idea for a product or service, it's important to find ways to protect your invention. Not only do you want to make sure people know that it was you who invented the product, but you also want to prevent anyone else from copying your idea and profiting off of your ingenuity, cutting you out of the fruits of your labor.

32 Ways to Grow a Business

While there are only four primary strategies for growing a business, there are literally dozens of different techniques you can use to implement these four strategies.

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