OnTheRadio Transcript, Interview with Tim Berry

"I think there is a link from the late 60s all the way through to the amazing explosion of possibilities we have with social media today. Bill Gates was like 18 when he did the early version of Microsoft. And the changes in society made that more feasible, compared to the 50s."

Why Entrepreneurs Deserve a Week to Themselves

Maybe all you entrepreneurs of the world have been too caught up in checking off your end-of-the-year to-do lists, or have been too busy burning the midnight oil every night in the office in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but we are currently in the midst of National Entrepreneurship Week!

10 Alarming Signs That Your Business is in Trouble

My grandfather delivered milk by horse and cart. Clopping hooves, the clink of bottles and the promise of daily delivered fresh milk is now but a faint memory. It was his life and business. Large supermarket chains have claimed his job.

Why Failing Can Be Good

Over the years, I've had multiple businesses fail on me. But for every failure, I've gained priceless knowledge and insight which has helped me in my next venture. The key is to not give up. Keep yourself motivated and focused as you push on to your next venture.

Drafting is a Great Concept for Business

Being in the lead position does have its benefits. You garner market share and name recognition, both of which are so important. The more you have of these two elements, the greater the probability that you will stay in the lead.

Want to Up Your Creativity?

No matter what you do for a living, you need to be creative. Innovative and fresh thinking are always in demand, whether you're a cop, a plumber, or a marketing pro.

5 Hot Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know

In order to succeed, small business owners must have a knack for predicting the future. Rather than just rely on their inherent desire to be an entrepreneur, they must also carry a figurative crystal ball with them at all times, keeping abreast of any and all trends that will help earn business.

How to Simplify Your Business (Even as it Grows)

Is your business too complicated? This is a common side effect of fast growth. It can cause big problems if left unchecked. That old, special-offer landing page you forget still existed can cause a huge headache when customers who now think they're getting a bad deal discover it.

5 of Steve Jobs’s Biggest Mistakes

It's a great disservice to everyone, especially young people, that the stories that we often hear about the most accomplished entrepreneurs sound so effortless. Despite what we may have read, Steve Jobs was no different. Here are five of Jobs's greatest mistakes, all of which history shows he ultimately learned from.

Failure is the Greatest of Teachers

Not all companies are successful. The end game can be a failure of the business. In fact, many angel investors or venture capitalists look for and respect the lessons learned by entrepreneurs that have survived a failed business.

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