Why Are You Afraid of Your Customers?

Do you find yourself reluctant to touch base with customers because of fear of what you might find? Do you think that no news is good news? When you think about reaching out, do you ask yourself, "What if something is broken?" or, "What if they ask a question I can't answer?"

The Three Pillars of Great Customer Service

Regardless of a company’s size, product offering or prices, its lifespan depends on its ability to deliver quality customer service time after time. Customers...

Laziness and Apathy are Customer Service Killers

Most people in front-line customer service jobs want to work hard, be helpful, and take care of the customer. No matter what the reason behind bad incidents the really bad thing is that they can create a negative impression for the business. The customer experience is lost.

Stop Limiting Your Ability to Deliver Great Customer Service!

Marketing and customer service are the two thickest pillars of any real business, so having adequate means to fulfill both of these is paramount.

6 Ways to Think Outside the Box for Customer Service

Small business owners have to be mindful of their customers. If they provide poor customer service, they will lose valuable business. If they neglect...

9 Surefire Ways to Make Your Customers Happy

There is an oft-told legend about how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to make sure there is an empty chair at every company meeting:...

Increase Customer Loyalty by Maximizing Touchpoints

Improve customer experience, increase loyalty to your brand, and enjoy more successful touchpoints when you follow these guidelines on how to maximize every interaction...

How to Keep Customers from Falling Through the Cracks

If you’ve put in the work to get a customer to commit to your business, the last thing you want to do is lose...

Why Excellent Customer Service is Essential to Startup Success

According to the book “Leading on the Edge of Chaos” by Emmett C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy, 68% of customers leave a business...

3 Steps for Evaluating Your Service

Your ability to build customer service success must begin with an honest self exam of how you are doing right now. These three steps will give you a snapshot of where you are and where you need to improve in the months and years to come!

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