How to See More Productive Smiles at Work

Most companies seem to have done a number of different employee surveys that have generated lots of data about what is wrong, and then they have done nothing with the data.

How Habits Lead to Organizational Efficiency

Whether you lay out detailed instructions for the daily duties of your employees or you prefer to take a more free-rein approach to management, it's extremely important that your employees develop the right habits.

Simply Efficient: 6 Ways to Avoid Organizational Complexity

As your small business grows, it's not always easy to keep your processes simplified. The more mature an organization becomes, the more things accumulate and get in the way of performance.

5 Hacks to Build a More Productive Environment in 2014

Giving the processes that drive your company regular tune-ups will keep your team productive, motivated, and satisfied over the course of the year. Here are five straightforward hacks to make your team more productive in 2014.

Collaborative Decision-Making on Startup Teams

Decision-making on startup teams presents no shortage of potential pitfalls. Decisions may take forever to make. Or team members grow frustrated when they are left out of the process of making a decision. Or decisions are made but not executed and then get revisited. Sound familiar?

3 Myths About Successful Startup Cultures

We've all read the stories about the hot new startups making waves in their industry—and how they're doing it from colorful beanbag chairs in a once-destitute warehouse on the south side of town.

The Definitive Guide to Your Core Values

Life is so much easier without having to think about the implications of every little decision we make. However, though ignoring your core values may make life easier in the short term, this can create huge long-standing consequences.

Deny Your Past, Risk Your Future

We all have relationships in our life that run out of gas. Sometimes there is a clear break and other times we just move on to different things and the relationship atrophies and goes away.

Trust is a Business Asset

The impact of trust on the economy can be witnessed at the corporate level. Bear Stearns, AIG, and Lehman Brothers were at one time considered trust-based businesses. Each of these companies relied on the trust of the market to establish the firm's value.

The 4 Disciplines of Great Company Culture

The word "organization" and the word "organism" come from the same root word. Company culture bears many similarities to natural ecosystems. The way founders do business in the beginning of a startup are the seeds for what kind of company they will develop in two, five and ten years.

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