Winning Companies Lead with a New Culture Mindset

With today’s interactive social media and the real-time Internet, both customers and employees see inside your company easily, so you can’t hide your real...

Document Your Philosophy

Do you know what your business stands for? Do your team members? Do your customers? A great corporate culture is an important contributor to a business’s success, and documenting your philosophy is a foundational step. Then you need to communicate it to everyone and make sure you uphold it.

5 Steps to Create a Culture of Leadership

In a previous article, we discussed some ideas on how to assess leaders and their capacity to lead. Now let’s discuss some of the steps required...

What the Most Successful Leaders Know About Creating an Inventive Culture

From Edison to Jobs to Winfrey, pioneering innovators know how to enroll a team that creates and then supports big ideas. They have learned to create organizations that literally pull great ideas through the ranks instead of empowering people to straight-arm them.

8 Practices to Promote Urgency within Your Startup

The business world is changing ever more rapidly these days. If you see a need or a big opportunity but don’t act fast enough,...

Leadership Toolbox: The Power of Parables as a Leadership Tool

Parable: Defined as a short simple story intended to illustrate a moral or religious lesson. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation through...

5 Tactics to Inspire Collaboration on Your Team

Getting a diverse group of individuals to join forces and cooperate as a team can be a real challenge. If your crew members would rather sail solo than share the effort, you may need a little help to inspire them to work together.

How to Foster a Company Culture That Values Creativity and Innovation

As a startup founder and investor, it’s not enough for me to merely value innovation and creativity: I must also manage the hazards associated with...

3 Myths About Successful Startup Cultures

We've all read the stories about the hot new startups making waves in their industry—and how they're doing it from colorful beanbag chairs in a once-destitute warehouse on the south side of town.

10 Ways to Increase Workplace Efficiency

Being a small-business owner involves wearing many hats—and while being involved in all aspects of your company can be rewarding, it can also take...

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