6 Ways Entrepreneurs Become Great Problem Solvers

The real entrepreneurs I know are good at overcoming both people problems and business obstacles, and get satisfaction from the challenge. Some people think this is a talent that you must be born with, but experts disagree. You can definitely train yourself to be a problem solver, if you haven't already.

10 Tips to Keep Your Team Positive and Engaged

Keeping your team positive and engaged can be challenging. There will be times when it’s more difficult than others. Here are ten tips to...

6 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Your Company

The startup scene today is an overcrowded space where companies are constantly vying for talent. But hiring talented people is only the first step in cultivating an innovative and creative environment. Building a workplace where there is a constant exchange of ideas involves finding the right formula for your company and culture.

Deny Your Past, Risk Your Future

We all have relationships in our life that run out of gas. Sometimes there is a clear break and other times we just move on to different things and the relationship atrophies and goes away.

5 Things All Great Leaders Do to Create a Culture of Leadership

What’s the secret to creating a culture of leadership that will take your organization forward for years to come? There is no secret—it starts...

Creative Job Titles Help Create and Define Corporate Culture

Some companies have chosen to label their employees something other than employees. They call them team members, associates or other more endearing and personalized names and titles. With a little creativity, you can come up with a title for your employees, or even specific jobs, that can have a positive effect on the culture and experience that both the employees and your customers have with your organization.

Workplace Culture is a Philosophy, Not a Checklist

When companies use a checklist mentality to create a strong culture, they only focus on culture for a season with involvement initiatives, campaigns, banners, slogans, and motivational messages. Then they move on to the next issue.

Why You Need a Clear Written Mission Statement, and Tips to Write One

When you are buried in the day-to-day operations of running your business, it’s easy to get tunnel vision. Your nose is to the grindstone...

How to Capitalize on Evolving Cultures in Creative Businesses

The inherent complexity that underpins today’s digital products seems to have put an end to the age of the arrogant leader with the killer...

Everything Begins with Principles

Instead of talking about principles, we spend a lot of time talking about rules: "Do this, do it this way, don't do that." When our rules don't cover everything, we're lost. We don't know what to do. Generally, the reaction is to create more rules.

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