Take Security and Productivity to a New Level

Effective data and document management is a crucial aspect of running a business. Nowadays, many companies handle large volumes of confidential and/or sensitive information, in addition to a long trail of routine paperwork.

Top 7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Go Paperless

Ten thousand pages: that is how much paper the average office worker uses every year. This number is staggering, considering it amounts to millions...

A 3-Step Guide to Making Money and Being Eco-Friendly

Prevailing wisdom tells us that making money and being eco-friendly are mutually exclusive. At best, they are separate. At worst, they contradict each other....

Focus on Profits is Not Enough for a Great Business

It's always been tough to start a new business, even when the bottom line was just making a profit to stay alive. Entrepreneurs are now measured against the "triple bottom line" (TBL or 3BL) of people, planet, and profit.

5 Simple and Easy Ways of Encouraging Workplace Wellness

Everyone working a job anywhere in the world can call themselves a juggler. Balancing personal and professional lives can be the toughest part of...

Going Green: Making a Small Business Environmentally Friendly

As Americans strive to be more environmentally conscious, it only makes sense that small business owners should find ways to make their companies a little more "green" when they can.

Go Green with Your Startup

More and more companies are pledging to promote a green culture or an eco-friendly environment in their workplaces and reduce their carbon footprint in the years to come. While this is especially common in large companies, it might seem like a nice idea that is out of reach for a smaller business.

In the (Green) House

If someone were to say the phrase “urban agriculture,” quaint community gardens would probably come to mind. A vital resource, especially in major metropolises...

5 Easy Ways to Green Your Shipping

Getting products from one place to another can be an arduous process that uses multiple modes of transportation. This presents challenges, not only when...

6 Simple Ways Your Business Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Green is in. You can't do business in today's world without being frowned upon for not making an effort to be environmentally friendly. Being eco-conscious is not only chic, but it's ethically, morally, and often financially beneficial.

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