Saving Money While Going Green

Have you thought about making your business more green, but worried about the cost? We have some solutions for you. There are plenty of affordable steps you can take to be more green—and even save a little money, too.

A 5-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Green Business from Scratch

Every day people trash a tremendous amount of paper, plastic, metals, and other recyclable materials. While waste is essential to keep the consumer cycle...

5 Enjoyable Ways to Promote Healthy Living in the Office

An office is more than the sum of all of its parts. An office is about the people who work in it. Now, more...

How to Provide Healthy Food Options for Your Employees

Healthy employees are happier, more productive employees. While you do not want to be the food police at your company, you want your employees...

10 Green Ideas to Start Your Own Eco-friendly Business

Are you thinking about starting your own business but have no idea what it should be? May we suggest ecopreneurship? With growing concern for...

6 Simple Ways Your Business Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Green is in. You can't do business in today's world without being frowned upon for not making an effort to be environmentally friendly. Being eco-conscious is not only chic, but it's ethically, morally, and often financially beneficial.

What Products Can Help Make Your Office More Green?

There are lots of things you can do to make your business more environmentally friendly, including a lot of things you wouldn’t ordinarily consider “green.” This guide will break down the categories of products that can help make your business greener, one small step at a time.

Top 7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Go Paperless

Ten thousand pages: that is how much paper the average office worker uses every year. This number is staggering, considering it amounts to millions...

5 Easy Ways to “Green” Your Business

Experts estimate that almost three-fourths of American waste is recyclable, but only one-fourth is recycled. However, more and more consumers are concerned about corporate responsibility

Green Business Standards and Certifications

Environmentally conscious consumers look for products and services that have been certified by credible organizations. Do you know if your products are eligible for any certifications? This guide outlines some of the most well-known certifications and standards in a wide range of industries.

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