It’s Not an Option Anymore. Why Have an Advisory Board?

If a basketball coach stocks his bench with 7-footers, he's not giving his team an advantage. He's leveling the playing field, or the playing court, in this case.

9 Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World

Who says it takes years of experience to do something really big? Young engineers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs are tackling all sorts of issues, and many of them aren't even waiting until college is over to make their mark.

Why We Decided to Do Away with Meetings and Remove Bosses from Our Startup

Our start-up is now 6 years old, and during that time we have learned a lot, but mainly from mistakes. However, there were only two initiatives that were correct from the beginning and are still present until today.

Businesses Giving Back to Military Community

As the United States continues to disentangle itself from its post-9/11 military commitments in the Middle East, large numbers of veterans are returning stateside...

How to Double Your Productivity (Really!)

The #1 obstacle to being productive is distraction. So any method that helps you eliminate or ignore distractions can greatly improve your productivity. I've been using the Pomodoro technique religiously this month and it's made a noticeable difference in my daily output.

An Unexpected Leadership Lesson from Nelson Mandela

There has been much written and discussed this past year about late South African leader and political icon Nelson Mandela. The recent death of this extraordinary man prompted me to reflect on an important lesson I learned when reading about him a few years back.

How to Keep a Clear Desk

A clear desk leads to a clear mind, which leads to high productivity and laser focus. When you look at your workspace, what do you see? Is it clear and organized, prompting you to begin your most important tasks?

Tips to Boost Your Business

We all want our businesses to be successful, but not all entrepreneurs take the time to map out a plan to make success a reality. All it takes is a bit of strategy and elbow grease to be on your way to making your dreams a reality.

How Adam Silver Aced His First Leadership Test

Adam Silver worked for the NBA for 22 years before becoming commissioner of the league this February. But he was only the man in charge for less than 3 months before he was faced with one of the biggest crises I've seen in professional sports. And he aced the test.

An Involved CEO is a Learning CEO

In truth, a good CEO doesn't just hear about what's going on in every aspect of his company, he understands what's going on in every aspect of his company

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