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Thinking What to Get Your Favorite Small Business Owner? Top 5 Last Minute Gift Options

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Thinking What to Get Your Favorite Small Business Owner

Gifting business people, whether they’re avid entrepreneurs, managers or company owners, can be extremely challenging. Gift baskets are overrated, and then there are expensive gift ideas that might seem cool and interesting, but not everyone can afford to overspend. The average client doesn’t really want spend thousands of dollars on iPads and overly expensive wristwatches. Nonetheless, they do have good intentions. The goal is to make their small business owner feel appreciated. Here are 5 last-minute options that will have a long-lasting impact.


In a world’s where very few people nowadays still read, gifting a small business owner a motivational or self-help book can be the ultimate gift. Before deciding on a title, you are advised to know at least some basic info about the person. What do they like to read in general? What are their hobbies and passions? Is there a book in particular that they want to get their hands on? The more you know about their personal lives, the better chances you have to offer them a book that they’ll actually read.

The business environment is a cut-throat industry, where only the toughest will make it. A motivational book to encourage your business owner that he can overcome all kinds of challenges might change his perceptions, and even give him the guts to take a risk and do things differently for once.

Discount vouchers

There are all kinds of discount vouchers you can offer to business owners. Starting from vouchers to tech shops and jewelry stores, all the way to beauty vouchers at spas for women. If you can afford to spend a little more, you can buy them a discounted city break. It doesn’t really matter where; as long as they get a chance to relax far away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.

Be careful with percentage-based discounts. A 10% discount on something that’s already conveniently-priced may not grab their attention. To really impress them with your gift idea, decide on a voucher that offers at least 50% discount. Since most business owners are tech aficionados, they will certainly appreciate a discount at one of their favorite tech stores.

Delectable edibles

If you want to gift a business owner something to eat, such as chocolate, fruit or candy, you have to do it differently. Don’t buy them the cheapest products on the market, and consider investing in sweets that not many people can afford to buy. Organic chocolates from exclusive chocolatiers, for example, might be an exceptional idea. The exact same thing goes for fruit. Assemble a gift basket with fruit that’s difficult to find in conventional grocery shops.

Many companies allow you to buy the edible products that you want, and then brand the wrapping paper or basket with your own company’s logo and brand. Personalized gifts are highly appreciated; the receiver will notice that you’ve put in the extra effort, and that you really tried to offer the most ingenious and original gift.

Potted plants

A potted plant for aspiring business owners can be an excellent type of gift. There are many different varieties you can choose from. Starting from the opulent Yucca plants all the way to more exclusive types such bonsais and aloe vera. The options are endless. Bonsai plants, in particular, are ideal for office. They have a very cool, minimalistic allure and can last for up to 10 years. Unlike other plants for the office, bonsais look like very interesting trees. There are different species available, some more expensive than others. Make your pick and impress the enthusiastic business owner with a potted plant that will revamp and completely change boring allure of their office.

Corporate pens

Last but not least, we have corporate pens. Offering pens as a gift may seem like normal. Although you shouldn’t buy business owners the most boring and cheapest types. There are many brands available that you can check out when hunting for the best and most practical corporate pen. Settle on a simple, sleek model, and to make the gift unusual, have the pen engraved. This way, the receiver will be more appreciative of the gesture that you made.

Author: Christopher Austin is a blogger who loves to writes articles for small businesses.

Published: April 19, 2017

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