The 4 People You Meet on the Road to Business Success

No man is an island. It takes a village. Two heads are better than one. The proverbs, adages, and clichés go on and on, but...

10 Tips to Keep Your Team Positive

Your sales and customer service team are the primary customer contact for every business. What does their attitude say about your company? If some of your team are not communicating the message you want, here are 10 questions to ask yourself to ensure they stay positive, focused on message and deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

Leading By Example

What we, as leaders, do every day, how we behave, the things we get involved in, how we set priorities—our people watch, observe, and emulate. What we do always trumps what we say.

3 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Some of us discover our purpose in life at an early age. It might be writing, playing the violin or the driven and passionate artist. That...

5 Steps to Create a Culture of Leadership

In a previous article, we discussed some ideas on how to assess leaders and their capacity to lead. Now let’s discuss some of the steps required...

Are You One of These Kinds of Procrastinators? Get Moving!

Staring at you is a blank, virtual sheet of paper with a blinking line, waiting for your words to fill the entire page. Writing...

Employees: Your Most Important Audience

Companies fall into a very familiar pattern. We invest a significant amount of time and energy into chasing after and wooing new customers. We...

Top Tips for Productive Delegation

How often do you find yourself complaining about how busy you are? Stop to think about it. Contrary to popular belief, work overload is not necessarily a badge of honor.

It’s About Time!

Enterprise time, as opposed to personal time management, is defined as the sum total of resources available to a company expressed in terms of time – time to develop, to debug, to produce, to deploy, to respond to issues, and to make changes in plans that are not working.

6 Easy Ways Your Business Can Save Money

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is something every business needs to prioritize. It’s not just something we should be looking at come tax time...

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