10 Ways to Supercharge Your Entrepreneurial Strategy

Businesses always seem to take longer to succeed than an entrepreneur expects. Seth Godin once said that overnight success in startups takes about six years, and Seth is an optimist.

Empowerment for Your Staff

Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there...

Getting Control of Your Email

The drive toward complex technical achievement offers a clue to why the U.S. is good at space gadgetry and bad at slum problems. ~John Kenneth...

The Importance of Corporate Vision

Few things inspire trust or hope like every member of a team working together towards a shared vision. A clear vision unifies and motivates.

Before You Can Be Customer Centric, You Must Be Employee Centric

Customers must be a company's top priority for it to succeed. But in order to have a truly customer-centric outlook, the same level of service must start within the organization with a dedication to employees.

Where Do Leaders Come From?

If you want to grow your business, you must grow your people. In the small and mid-sized companies that I work with, there is—not always, but more times than not—a sizable gap between the CEO and his or her direct reports. It's not a skill gap. It's a leadership gap.

Entrepreneurs Face Serious Communication Barriers

Founders have to communicate their ideas and products to investors, business partners, and the rest of the team. Communication is not just talking, but also listening, writing, body language, and "actions speak louder than words."

How to Do Well by Doing Good: Charity in Business

Businesses give millions of dollars to charity every year. Well, guess what? You can get a boost from charity in business, too. In fact, you can actually do well by doing good. Here's how.

Startup Culture is as Leaders Do

The question over on Quora was How should a new startup develop and sustain a strong company culture? I decided not to answer the essential how-to,...

How Lean Construction Empowers the Front Line for Better Teamwork

A command-and-control hierarchy used to be the only way to get things done before the 21st century. Your superior gave you a command, and...

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