Question of the Week: How to Improve Cash Flow

"Can you give me advice or tips on improving my company's cash flow? I own a small landscaping company and struggle with my receivables."

How to Use Your Invoices to Finance Your Growing Business

One of the challenges of working in the B2B space is that most commercial clients don't pay their invoices as soon as you deliver your product or service. Instead, companies ask for 30- to 60-day payment terms.

Why Aren’t You Accepting Mobile Payments?

Just a few years ago, accepting mobile payments was a novelty that only a select few businesses provided to their customers. Today, businesses have a variety of mobile payment providers to choose from, making it an affordable and simple solution to implement in a changing marketplace.

Is Your Invoice Clear and Complete Enough?

Customer invoicing is a vital part of business operations that directly affects a company's customers and vendors, as well as the company itself. Invoicing sounds like a simple procedure, but it can get quite complicated, depending on the circumstances.

Ready to Offer Mobile Payments? Find the Right Service

After an extensive amount of research, you've finally decided that accepting mobile payments will benefit you and your company. Congratulations! You've made a great decision. You are joining a growing number of small businesses taking advantage of this advance in technology.

10 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Virtual Terminal for Your Business

Virtual terminals are necessary for phone, fax, and mail orders, when you don't physically have the customer's credit card in order to swipe it. You can process credit cards from any computer with internet access. Since the terminal is browser-based, no additional equipment is necessary.

The Art and Science of Modern Invoicing

An invoice is more than just a receipt with a total at the bottom. It is a professional document that signifies the completion of a project or sales transaction. It is also the last impression you make on a client, so it is crucial that it is an accurate reflection of your company's brand and high standards.

Are You Offering Your Customers Enough Payment Options?

"While credit card companies research and develop new anti-fraud measurements, alternative payment solutions providers are cashing in on the demand for online security and customer choice," say the folks over at EcommerceTimes.

4 Critical Financial Activities for Business Survival and Growth

Every business has four areas that owners and managers must control to profitably survive and grow. Make sure you are tracking them and taking action when they are not trending the right way.

What Kind of Info Should Your Invoices Include?

If you own or manage a small business, invoices are essential to keeping your business running smoothly. By providing your customers an uncomplicated, concise invoice that spells out the products provided or services rendered, you will reduce confusion and head off any potential conflicts about your business transactions.

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