Are Mobile Payments Right for Your Business?

Like most small business owners, you're willing to try anything that will help you increase sales and help make your company a success. You may have tried new marketing tactics, networking, and even advertising. But have you considered mobile payments as a tool to help grow your business?

3 Things to Know Before Signing Up with a Merchant Card Processor

Looking to quickly grow your business and accelerate your cash flow? The solution is simple: accept credit card payments. To do so, you must first open a merchant account and sign up with a merchant card processor to process electronic payments and distribute them to the appropriate account.

Chargebacks: Don’t Let Technology Hurt Your Business

Usually within just a few shorts months of entering the business world, most owners are confronted with a chargeback. If they didn't know what a chargeback was before, they quickly come to loath these financial nightmares.

5 Ways Credit Cards Can Accelerate Your Small Business

Hesitant about accepting credit cards? Don't be. They're a fabulous way to boost your sales and grow your business. Here are 5 reasons you should consider accepting credit and debit card payments from your customers.

The Real Costs of Accepting Credit Cards

While accepting credit cards helps your business bring in more revenue, it does come with a cost. Don't be shocked to find out after you start working with a merchant card processor that there are hidden fees.

Cash Flow Management Tips

Did you know that you could be showing a profit and still be going bankrupt? It's true. The definition of bankruptcy is running out of cash. Why are profits and cash flow often very different at a point in time? Here are five common reasons and what you can do about them.

What to do When the Payment is Overdue?

You're a small business owner, not a collection agency. You're probably not all that good at or fond of dunning customers who don't pay their bills on time. Unfortunately it's a real problem and that reality should motivate you to become an expert in keeping your cash flowing in a timely manner.

5 Signs You Should Fire Your Biggest Client

Bagging the elephant is what many companies shoot for. Although these can be very profitable and present great growth opportunities, you must be careful not to put your business in a compromising and stressful situation.

What to Do When Customers Don’t Pay

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a frantic new business owner. One of his clients—a very large company—had an outstanding invoice that was 90 days past due. Concerned and cash-strapped, he wanted to know what he should do.

Question of the Week: How to Improve Cash Flow

"Can you give me advice or tips on improving my company's cash flow? I own a small landscaping company and struggle with my receivables."

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