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Live Video with Spreecast

By: Matt Gossett



Spreecast is the new kid on the block in video chat. With its unique approach to casting live video across the web, there are some definite advantages of using the service as an alternative to Skype, Google Hangout or GoToMeeting. Here are a few ways businesses can use Spreecast as a creative web streaming platform and even profit from it:

Easy Access
Unlike Skype or iChat, which require an application download prior to access, you can watch video on Spreecast directly from a web browser. Although you can connect via your Facebook and Twitter accounts to find friends and followers, all you need is an email to sign up, which makes Spreecast a practical solution for businesses with a less social clientele.
Unlimited Audience
Although the contributing members of a video conference are limited to 4 people, Spreecast enables unlimited viewership in terms of people who can tune into the video and take part in the conversation via the message board. This makes it not only a channel to which you can attract your customers but also way to engage new prospects, as live videos are easily discoverable on the Spreecast web site. 
Audience Interaction
Perhaps the greatest feature of Spreecast is the unique opportunity it offers video streamers to interact with their audience. Not only can you freely chat on a live message board with people who tune in to your video conversation but if you want to hear someone express their opinion out loud, the producer can actually bring an audience member on camera at any time.  
Host a Meeting
With the ability to create a private video session, entrepreneurs can take advantage of Spreecast by using it for business meetings. Although you can only have four people on screen at once, Spreecast makes it easy for others to contribute to the conversation and even to join the video if the producer brings them on screen. For small businesses with employees working remotely, this can be a useful tool for meeting face to face.
Chat Features
Spreecast chat is set up so that you can chat privately with individual audience members. This allows the producer to control which content gets shared to all audience members while the rest of the content remains private between two people. Other chat functions enable the producer to pause a chat, resume a chat, and bring chat messages on screen. 
Businesses are taking advantage of the open platform offered by Spreecast. Besides the fact that you can organize and execute internal meetings with employees in remote locations, consider using the service to discuss new product ideas and promotions with customers while they’re engaged. Real-time feedback is ultimate efficient. For a full tour of what you can accomplish with Spreecast, watch their video here


Published: July 18, 2013

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