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The Importance of Being Mobile Friendly

By: Toffer Grant


the-importance-of-being-mobile-friendlyPEX Card wants to help small businesses with expense management. Each week we will provide advice, solutions, and answers to your questions.

Question: I own a B2B company. We have a decent website which generates traffic. How important is it for me to be mobile-friendly? I think most people view our site from their desktop computers.
Answer: Great question. It seems like everyone uses their smartphones these days to get things done. People review restaurants, book travel, text, tweet, take pictures and post them all from their phones.
While it is likely that a B2C business (e.g. a retail store) is likely to get more mobile traffic than a B2B company, we think it’s still imperative to make your website mobile friendly for your customers/clients. Our advice is to ask your customers how they visit your site. How many will go to it from their smartphones while on the road or in a meeting? 
According to Walker Sands’ “Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report,” nearly one-third of B2B website traffic is now stemming from mobile devices, marking a significant increase from a year ago. The data shows 29% of current B2B website traffic is coming from mobile devices, a 73% year-over-year increase, and a 244% increase from 2011.
If a third of your customers visited your website from mobile devices, we strongly suggest making your site mobile-friendly. Good luck with your business this year.
Published: March 31, 2014

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