Simplified Product Management: How Planfix Facilitates Your Work

a business woman smiling at work

Creating new successful products requires accuracy, mastery, and attention to detail. The great part of all that relies on the team’s proficiency, but picking the right set of tools is also extremely important. A comfortable work environment means higher speed and better productivity, so you should always consider this point. A reliable product management platform…

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5 Strategies To Maximize Brewery Sales and Revenue

various brewed beverages

As the brewing industry continues to evolve, businesses are constantly searching for innovative strategies to make them more profitable. With the rise of craft breweries and changing consumer tastes, the industry dynamics have never been more fluid or challenging. Breweries that understand the rules of the game can not only survive but thrive in a…

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Scale Your DevOps by Collaborating with Consultants

dev ops collaborating with a consultant

DevOps has the potential to transform IT organizations, but it can also be a challenging and complex environment to scale. In this post, we’ll discuss why you may need to scale your DevOps for growth, how to go about doing so, and what role consultants can play in helping you achieve your goals. Why Scale…

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How To Choose The Right Label Material for Your Product

a customer looking at product labels

Product labels are a consistent feature across all industries. It is vital for reflecting the necessary information and details of a product as well as the manufacturer or distributor. And when one considers the large amount of label materials available, deciding how to choose the right label material for your product can be a daunting…

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What Exactly is Digital Product Development?

digital product development

To verify a product concept, market research is conducted before the new product is prototyped, built, and tested. A distinct skill set and a variety of resources are needed at each step of the product development process. Digital product development can help ease this path. Digital goods may be platforms, programs, or a hardware-software combo…

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Product Discovery Process: A Four-Step Guide

When you’re developing a new product or revamping an existing one, you no doubt have numerous ideas. How can you validate them and choose which are worthy? What product design practices help maximize the chances that your product will find commercial success? The product discovery phase helps you align business decisions with customer needs to…

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7 Ways 3D Product Configurations Can Benefit Your Business

3D configuration has totally revolutionized the way eCommerce operates. Whether you want to customize your pair of sneakers or design a brand-new car, the possibilities are endless. Allowing customers to visualize and understand the production process from start to finish paves the way for a new level of customer satisfaction and brand affinity. By implementing…

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4 Ways to Create Marketing Excellence

First, let’s recall the four “P’s” of marketing Marketing is a science devised to help drive customers to your door.  There are lots of ways to define how to market well, including the four P’s of marketing (1): product, price, promotion and place.  This is considered to be the producer-oriented model. These are still the driving focus…

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Do You Really Want to be the First to Market?

My stories of missing the context of the times Over the years, as I managed my several computer companies as CEO or executive chairman, I made the decision to go to market with a brand-new product that had never before been exposed to my customer’s marketplace.  In each case, after overwhelming publicity, certainly noticed by a…

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How Product Packaging Can Make or Break a Sale

Packaging should never be a hindrance when customers buy something from you—in fact, it should inspire customers to buy the product.Whether for individual or commercial uses, it is one of the most important components of any product and has a big impact on how well your product performs. The quality of the packaging also determines…

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