Vincent Sevilla

Vincent Sevilla is a professional graphic designer and inbound strategist for GRIT. His goal? To innovate ideas, create good music, and to travel all best places in the Philippines.


10 Reasons Businesses and Marketers Must Use VPN

All over the world, businesses are sustaining financial losses due to cyber threats such as denial-of-service (DoS), phishing, malwares, eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle (MitM), SQL injection, and password attacks. These attacks are also compromising millions of individuals’…

These 7 Social Media Mistakes Can Dramatically Hurt Your Sales

The social media landscape has allowed smaller brands to exponentially expand their reach. It’s given them much easier access to audiences and the ability to engage and connect like never before. But as with most…

12 Guaranteed Ways to Grow Your Business in 2019

There are a million things that an entrepreneur should be concerned about when it comes to running a business. And while having a solid business plan is a great start, ensuring that the business enjoys…

The Way to Get the Most out of Every Lead

An online ad addressed to a specific segment of your market is a double-edged sword. While a targeted ad can positively influence the buying behavior of your audience, it can also cause the rest of the market to feel disconnected when they don’t see how the ad is relevant to them.

Make Them Want More: 7 Tips to Retain Customers

Your customers are one of the main pillars of your business structure. You won’t be able to create a sustainable and profit-generating enterprise if you don’t have people who will buy and patronize your merchandise.