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Simplified Product Management: How Planfix Facilitates Your Work

By: Linus Britt


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Creating new successful products requires accuracy, mastery, and attention to detail. The great part of all that relies on the team’s proficiency, but picking the right set of tools is also extremely important. A comfortable work environment means higher speed and better productivity, so you should always consider this point. A reliable product management platform provides the desired comfort due to automation and data storage features. 

Product Management General Work Stages

If we look at the product creation process progressively, it consists of four main steps:

  1. Generate and share ideas. At this point, you brainstorm and perform other activities that help you develop some productive thoughts.
  2. Plan your work based on a selected idea. Choose the most promising concept, and you can right away start working on your vision of how you are going to develop the product. 
  3. Do the creative work. Product development often involves a lot of repetitive tasks, but you can avoid this by using the appropriate automating solutions. 
  4. Launch. Release the product and do post-development work, like collecting feedback and analyzing your team’s performance. 

At every stage, you can use purpose-specific software tools. They will save you a lot of time and help you be more productive. 

Planfix Features That Can Help at Every Stage

Planfix offers features that can greatly assist you with more efficient task distribution, control, and time management. 

Here are just some of the features you can use to your advantage:

  • Templates. Create, store, and use pre-made templates for routine tasks to save time on manual work. Templates are easy to customize so that they better fit specific cases.
  • Real-time progress overview. Monitor the progress of each task and the whole product development process via a handy visualization feature.
  • Priorities. You can set which tasks are more important to improve your time and resource management.
  • Whiteboard. This handy visualization tool will help you to easily track the progress of your work and distribute the tasks within your team.
  • Time tracking. With this feature, you will know for a fact how much time was spent on each individual and group task.

With Planfix, it will be easy to create a comfortable and convenient workspace for each team member. They can receive notifications via their favorite communication channel, and easily keep track of all their tasks and deadlines with an easy-to-use planner. 

More Benefits to Consider

Planfix offers a decent level of flexibility, which is critical when it comes to the product development process. Thanks to the platform’s customization capacity, you can quickly adapt to changing circumstances. 

This platform is affordable for every business size because it offers three pricing plans for up to 5, 99, and 250 users. This also means that it’s easily scalable if need be. As your business develops, you won’t have to switch to another solution to accommodate your growing needs. It is much more comfortable to keep using the same solution and avoid issues with adaptation and compatibility? As well as the hassle with transferring all the files and data. 

Finally, Planfix does not require deep tech knowledge for its implementation. You can do it by yourself and save a lot of time and money.


Product development involves several management aspects: time, task, and resource management. Planfix covers them and offers many more opportunities for growing businesses.

Published: December 26, 2023

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